‘And Just Like That’ Finale: Carrie and Aidan’s Five-Year Plan Wraps Up the Series!

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And Just Like That… Ends With Carrie and Aidan’s Five-Year Plan

This week on Still Watching, Hillary Busis, Richard Lawson, and Chris Murphy talk about the eleventh episode of season two of And Just Like That…, called “The Last Supper, Part Two: Entree.” All of them agreed that the way season two ended would have been a good way to end the season or the show as a whole.

It would have been a good way to end the stories of the main characters while still leaving enough questions open to keep the story going. But Max just ordered a third season of And Just Like That…, so it looks like New York’s best girls will be back for more. Murphy says, “I had already written and rehearsed my eulogy for And Just Like That…” “But we’re going to keep going, and I don’t know what will happen next.”

“And Just Like That” Ends with Carrie and Aidan’s Five-Year Plan

The second season of Sex and the City has started. Aidan, who was played by John Corbett, was Sarah Jessica Parker’s (Carrie) most well-known ex-boyfriend. He is now divorced and lives in Virginia with his three boys. Aidan didn’t want to go back to Carrie’s house, but other than that, they quickly got back together and seemed to have a bright future together.

And Just Like That… Ends With Carrie and Aidan’s Five-Year Plan

But when the season ended on Thursday, everything changed. Carrie has a fancy dinner party to say goodbye to her famous brownstone before moving into the luxurious new home she bought for herself and Aidan to share while he splits his time between his farm and New York City.

That night, Aidan comes to see her, which is a surprise. He went back home after his 14-year-old son Wyatt broke a few bones when he drove his dad’s truck into a tree while high on magic mushrooms and beer. Aidan breaks his promise and tells his girlfriend he is no longer ready to share his responsibilities by going into the room they used to share.

He tells Carrie that he has to stay in Virginia all the time to help raise his boys. He tells her that the only way he would think about her is if she came to see him, so he tells her no. Aidan says to Carrie, “I can’t believe we’re back here again,” but they are not breaking up again. For more updates, please visit https://www.bigflix.com/.


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