Firing Up the Kiln: Blown Away Season 4 Announced!

Richard Williamson

Blown Away Season 4

Blown Away Season 4, the wildly popular glassblowing competition series on Netflix, Hunter March has agreed to serve as presenter.

After hosting Netflix’s Sugar Rush, which featured teams of expert bakers competing against the clock to make one-of-a-kind sweet treats, March on Blown Away: Extreme Heat will have the task of introducing viewers to the seductive world of glassblowing.

According to him, watching artisans fashion dazzling but delicate items out of hot, sticky molten glass while controlling 10 finalists on the fiery Blown Away: Extreme Heat set—with 10 ovens heated to 2,000 degrees apiece as workstations—had March enthralled for hours.

What Hunter says about being a part of the show?

“You can sort of understand how hot something must be or how heavy something can appear. But to actually be twisting it in your hand to keep the glass steady, to be blowing into that pipe and watching a bubble emerge, it’s an experience unlike anything I’ve ever done,” painter March says after giving glassblowing sculpture a go.

Blown Away Season 4

That came after he felt at ease around rivals blowing up molten glass using a blowpipe on the massive set for Blown Away: Extreme Heat. “The first day, I was absolutely terrified that everyone walking around with 2,000-degree glass was going to joust me to the ground with it,” he remembers.

What does Blown Away Season 4 have to offer?

The fourth season of Blown Away is once again set in a massive hot shop constructed in a Hamilton, Ontario warehouse, where March learned to value the physical prowess, quickness, and mental fortitude of competitors on an original TV competition series.

“Besides the imagination and creativity that goes into each piece, the actual physical endurance they need to be in that hot shop for five hours, the tenacity to make it through 10 gruelling challenges, it was incredible to watch,” the author recalls.

Of course, for March, getting glassblowers to produce an ornate piece fast with the time ticking—and with the threat of becoming the one losing competitor to leave each episode, leaving one eventual champion to be crowned “Best in Glass”—was a challenge.

“Most artists do not work best when rushing their creations. But that’s precisely why this rivalry is so amazing. You have artists who are accustomed to following deadlines or rules. And this competition speeds up everything,” he continues.

What’s the impact of the show?

The success of the first three seasons of Blown Away was a reward for Marblemedia, and Netflix partnered with the Canadian independent producer once more to shake up the bar and spirits industries with Drink Masters, a reality series where competing mixologists infuse and blend their liquid art to create innovative takes on classic cocktails.

Blown Away Season 4

Similar to Blown Away, which concentrated on the art and magic of glassblowing, Marblemedia created Drink Masters, a TV reality series that was less overtly promotional and more centered on the tactile adventure of crafting drinks. Additionally, the competition was held on a sizable, complex set that gives the series a cinematic feel.

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A fourth season of Blown Away: Extreme Heat had to have even more dramatic stakes in order to convince Netflix to order it, according to Matt Hornburg, co-CEO and executive producer of Marblemedia, in a statement to THR. “Everything’s going to just feel a bit more dialled up, which is kind of exciting, new and fresh,” he says.

In addition to switching things up with the hosts, the Blown Away producers have increased the severity and intensity of the obstacles the glassblowers will encounter and stepped up the personal drama that can be discovered with each contestant.

Mark Bishop, co-CEO and executive producer at Marblemedia, continues, “We want to see their talent, their artistry, and at the same time, part of the magic is really getting to know their stories, their passion, and what drives them and their families, and why they got into the glassblowing industry.

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