Boruto’s Struggle Intensifies: Two Blue Vortex and Code’s Legion’s Reign of Fear!

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At the beginning of “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex,” Konoha faces an immediate attack. While fans expected explanations following Eida’s reality rewrite due to the time skip, the narrative delivers a blend of explanations and action. Set three years after Eida’s Omnipotence activation that swapped Boruto and Kawaki, the invasion by Code unfolds with intensity.

Code leads the charge with his augmented army, the Claw Grime, which has undergone unsettling enhancements, heightening the sense of malevolence in the story. Stay Informed with Our Coverage of ‘Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’ Impact on Code’s Legion and Boruto’s Challenges at Bigflix.

Code’s Ultimate Teleporting Move

In the ongoing storyline, Kawaki diligently searches for leads to Boruto and Sasuke’s whereabouts. Surprisingly, he stumbles upon Code’s distinctive claw marks scattered across the village. Puzzled by Code’s teleportation pattern to the village outskirts without making a direct move, Kawaki eventually unravels their purpose.

These marks, placed on his soldiers, serve as gateways that Code exploits to infiltrate Konoha discreetly, bypassing chakra sensory detection.

This strategy prevents Code from physically entering Konoha and evading detection, creating covert entry points. By activating these marks, Code unleashes the formidable Claw Grime monsters, born from the enigmatic Ten Tails Beast previously under Jigen’s control.

Exploiting humans marked as portals, Code launches a relentless attack on Konoha, reminiscent of past invasions like the Akatsuki and the encounter with Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

Utilizing these marks, Code not only deploys Claw Grimes but also teleports himself in, aiming to take hostages as leverage, particularly targeting Sarada or anyone close to Boruto. His motive revolves around using the hostages as bait to achieve his elusive goal of locating Boruto.

Code’s Tactical Mastery Unveiled in ‘Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

The Shadow Clone Jutsu, a technique used by elite ninjas, has been perfected by Konoha shinobi like Naruto, enabling them to create instant combat duplicates using chakra. Naruto’s potential was amplified by sharing Kurama’s energy, rendering his clones formidable.

Code’s utilization of Claw Grime marks introduces a swift subversion of cloning, where each marked beast brings another into the fray, acting as multipliers. This ingenious move exponentially magnifies their lethal potential, making them both killers and conduits for destruction.

It showcases Code’s scientific acumen akin to Jigen and fills gaps in his story regarding the reality rewrite’s impact. With Jigen’s DNA, Code may resist Eida’s Omnipotence, despite initially falling under her spell. Yet, his knowledge remains unclear; over three years, he likely grasped Boruto and Kawaki’s switch. While it wouldn’t change his goal to eliminate both, it could reshape his pursuit.

Armed with an army capable of swift multiplication, fans anticipate their deployment against Boruto and Sasuke, along with the mystery of their failed exposure of concealed Konoha-nin who went off the grid.

Elevating Code: ‘Two Blue Vortex’ Reimagines Boruto’s Opponent

Code, while not a lackluster villain, requires a more remarkable presence amid the looming anticipation of Boruto and Kawaki’s impending face-off. The franchise’s focus on the protagonists has left some fans perceiving Code as filler. However, ‘Two Blue Vortex’ revitalizes him by intensifying the threat of the Claw Grime and bolstering Code’s potency beyond Jigen.

This approach redefines Code’s significance, rendering him a compelling and enduring antagonist akin to Madara and Kaguya. The revamped narrative introduces multiple Ten Tails soldiers through the Claw Grime, affording Code the ability to strategically position them at will.

This dynamic not only multiplies the challenge for Boruto but also amplifies the risk of Kawaki’s interference. Code’s intricate plan destabilizes the equilibrium, presenting Boruto with a complex predicament. The unpredictable showdown creates intrigue and suspense, questioning how Code’s eventual removal from the equation will unfold.

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