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Cassandro release date

Gael Garcia Bernal is in the movie Cassandro, which will be shown in a few places before it comes out on Prime Video for the first time. Roger Ross Williams is in charge of the real-life story, and Bernal will play gay wrestler Sal Armendáriz, who became famous for playing the fan-favorite character Cassandro.

The exótico figure, who was sometimes called the “Liberace of Lucha Libre,” turned the macho rules of professional wrestling on their heads.

What Will Be the Release Date For Cassandro?

Some places will show Cassandro on September 15, and Prime Video will be the first place to show it on September 22. Williams gives Cassandro a very human touch by using Sal’s story to show the contradictions in how wrestling is done without facing abuse or ridicule.

In this case, the camera used by DP Matas Penachino is very important. He takes us behind the scenes to the room where the wrestlers put on their outfits, which looks like a darker, more subdued version of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s “The Werk Room,” and into the ring, where we can see how fake the fights are.

Cassandro doesn’t feel like a play, even though the sport is real. Because the camera is moved by hand, we stay in Sal’s story. Sal is always in the frame, no matter how close or far away the camera is. What makes Cassandro what it is is the great work of fashion artist Mariestela Fernández, who makes clothes that show the difference between Sal and Cassandro.

Cassandro’s clothes are a good mix of flashy and out-of-this-world (because that’s who he is) and practical and makeshift, like when he wears his mother’s clothes. Cassandro is a self-made man who worked hard, went against the grain, and made his own way in a world that tried to put him in a box, just like many gay people have done throughout history.

What is Cassandro About?

This year was the first time that the movie was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 100%, which means it was great. In the movie, Garcia Bernal plays a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler named Sal Armendáriz, who gets better as the movie goes on.

Cassandro release date

Even though he is always the loser, he meets Sabrina (Roberta Colindrez), who becomes his skilled teacher and a friend who helps him build a new character in the ring. Together, they bring out Cassandro, who is not like most exóticos in lucha libre. Even though the role gives him a lot of fame, it also changes Saul’s life and his relationships with his mother Jocasta, his secret lover Gerardo, and his missing father Eduardo.

Bernal told Collider how he played the “joyful” character, “I just wanted to sort of gravitate or permeate the essential archetype of Cassandro’s character that is so joyful, his joy.” Adding that this was Saul’s secret to success, he said,

“And that’s why he became so famous and transcendent in the world of Lucha Libre: because he was a character who was having fun, interacting with the audience almost like a drag show, and just making everything lighter and happier.” And at the same time breaking down taboos.”

Cassandro release date

The story was written by Williams and David Teague together. The movie has gotten good reviews so far, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. From the pictures that have already been shared, fans can get an interesting look at Bernal as Cassandro.

If the cast and crew are good and the movie is shown in theaters, it could even be nominated for an award this year. Sabrina was played by Colindrez, and Sal Armendáriz/Cassandro was played by Bernal in the movie. Saul’s mother was played by Perla De La Rosa, and his boyfriend, Lorenzo, was played by Joaquin Coso. Ral Castillo played Gerardo/El Comandante, while El Hijo del Santo played himself, and Bad Bunny played Felipe.

Who Will Be Cast for Cassandro?

Gael Garcia Bernal has been in a lot of movies, but the part he plays in Cassandro is one of the most emotionally difficult of his career. It’s like two different stories happening at the same time. On one side is Sal, who is shy and gay. He lives in a place and time where it’s not always easy to find love, success, and movement.

Cast  Character 
Gael Garcia Bernal  Cassandro
Robert Collindrez  Sabrina 
Perla De La Rosa  Yocasta 
Joaquin Cosio  Lorenzo 
Raul Castillo  Gerardo 
El Hijo Del Santo  Himself 
Bad Bunny  Felipe 

Cassandro, Sal’s wrestling persona when he’s not in the ring, has the confidence and energy Sal wants. Cassandro is like both men and women in many ways. Garcia Bernal walks a fine line between the two, showing us a man who is both hurt and full of love, who wants change but doesn’t know what his choices are, and who knows he deserves a full life but is afraid to take that step.

Is the Trailer for Cassandro Out?

The movie is being made by Roger Ross Williams. He wrote the story with the help of David Teague. Gael Garcia Bernal, Roberta Colindrez, Perla de la Rosa, Joaquin Coso, and Ral Castillo are some of the stars who are in it. Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio and El Hijo del Santo are also going to be there as guests.

You can see more in the movie trailer.

Who is in the Making of Cassandro?

In July 2020, Gael Garcia Bernal joined the movie’s cast. The movie will be directed by Roger Ross Williams. He wrote the story with David Teague. Amazon Studios is talking about making the movie available. They spent many years working on the story. Cassandro is Williams’s first movie with a story.

Cassandro release date

In 2016, he made a short movie called The Man Without a Mask about Cassandro. The movie that Amazon Studios planned to release in June 2021 added Roberta Colindrez and Bad Bunny to the group.


The wrestling movie Cassandro got a lot of attention at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and it now has a date for its release. Amazon Studios says that the movie about the famous exotic fighter will be in theaters on September 15 and on Prime Video on September 23. To have a head-on to more exotic content like this, please visit https://www.bigflix.com/.

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