Counting Closer: The Uncanny Counter S2Ep11 Date


The Uncanny Counter S2Ep11 is about to release and fans are eagerly waiting for the new episode.

The supernatural drama The Uncanny Counter centers on “counters” who work at a noodle cafe during the day and chase demonic intruders at night.

The much-loved program has returned for a second season, bringing with it a wealth of new abilities for the tenacious opponents and a wide variety of demons that are more powerful than ever.

If you’ve been watching this K-drama, you might be interested in learning when the upcoming episode will air. So, stop wondering now!

What is the plot of The Uncanny Counter S2?

Ju-seok lost control at the end of The Uncanny Counter’s final episode and killed Pil-gwang because he couldn’t forgive him for causing Min-ji’s death. Unfortunately, this indicates that Pil-gwang has taken up residence inside Ju-seok, creating a “complete evil spirit.”

Ju-seok’s next target is likely to be the Counters as a result, it stands to reason. Given that So Mun has already allowed his former “hero” to escape from captivity twice and preferred trying to convince him to turn to kindness over conjuring his evil spirit, that could also work to the villain’s advantage.

Gelly also perished elsewhere. She first lost her abilities in a battle with Ha-na in a shadowy container, and as retaliation for going on her own, Pil-gwang choked her to death.

What is the recap of The Uncanny Counter S2 Ep10?

  • Mun thus remained asleep for a prolonged period because he was plagued by recollections of individuals who are against him.
  • So Mun decided to reawaken and rejoin with Wi-gen with the aid of Ha-na.
  • Pil-gwang murdered Chung-jae before announcing that he had also murdered Min-ji.
  • The “mastermind” of what was formerly known as Chung-jae’s housing fraud has been identified as Pil-gwang.
  • Ju-seok decided to attack Mun’s grandma to show that, before his evil soul consumed him, he was still partially human.
  • When Mae-ok and Jae-youl reunited, they discussed their past. Then he took a bullet for her to show the skilled Counter that he knew he could turn to the good side.
The Uncanny Counter S2Ep11

The Uncanny Counter S2Ep11 Release Date/Time

Netflix will make available The Uncanny Counter S2 Ep11 on September 2, 2023. The release time is typically 3:00 PM (BST), though this can occasionally change. The average length of each episode is 65 to 70 minutes.

Where to watch online

With a Netflix subscription, viewers from all over the world can view The Uncanny Counter S2 Ep11 at the specified dates and times. In addition to being available on Netflix, the episode is also available to South Korean audiences on tVN every Saturday and Sunday at 21:20 (KST).

How many episodes will there be in season two of The Uncanny Counter?

The Uncanny Counter is set to premiere with 12 episodes, similar to the majority of K-dramas, and will release two episodes per week. We still have one episode left after this one, so keep that in mind.

Does The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Have a Trailer?

There is, in fact. The Uncanny Counter Season 2 trailer is available here.

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What are the predictions for The Uncanny Counter S2Ep11?

  • Pil-gwang now residing inside of Ju-seok, he goes after the Counters.
  • Mun fights Ju-seok because he thinks there is still a chance to save him differently.
  • Because the Counters cannot agree on how to handle Ju-seok, the villain prevails.
  • Ju-seok targets Counters’ allies because he knows it will give him an advantage.
  • Pil-gwang will make an effort to entirely eat Ju-seok to recover his lost funds and maintain what is essentially an immortal existence.
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