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The Twilight series often sparks strong opinions, with some loving, others hating, and some delighting in the “love to hate” category. However, beyond the cringy moments, the saga’s lore offers fascinating insights. One of the most intriguing aspects is the backstories of the Cullen family members and their journeys to becoming vampires.

While Bella’s transformation is well-known, what about the rest of the Cullens, including Edward? The books delve deep into these stories, offering a richer lore than the films. In this article, we explore ‘How Did Each Cullen Become a Vampire in Twilight?’ to satisfy your vampire curiosity, exclusively on Bigflix.

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle, the Cullen clan’s founder, was born in 1640, making him their eldest member. His father was a seasoned monster hunter who pursued witches, werewolves, and vampires. When Carlisle took over, his empathy and compassion led him away from killing.

During a hunt in London’s sewers, he was attacked by a vampire coven, leaving him conflicted and ashamed. He attempted suicide but survived by feeding on deer and discovering a “vegetarian” lifestyle that would define the Cullen clan.

Carlisle’s path to his “vegetarian” lifestyle wasn’t straightforward. He was once a member of the powerful Volturi coven in Italy, drawn to their calmness. Despite spending two decades with them, he resisted their preference for human blood.

After leaving the coven, Carlisle dedicated centuries to mastering his ability to resist the allure of human blood, fueled by his deep compassion for people. This journey ultimately led him to become a doctor.

Edward Cullen

Edward, born in 1901, faced a tragic turn of events when he, his mother, and his father contracted the Spanish Influenza in 1918. His father succumbed in the first wave, and his mother later on. Edward’s dying mother implored Carlisle to save him, hinting at his potential as a vampire.

After her death and as Edward’s condition worsened, Carlisle discreetly transported him back home and transformed him into a vampire. Edward distanced himself from Carlisle and Esme in his early vampire years, using his mind-reading ability to hunt wrongdoers.

One of his victims was Charles Evenson, Esme’s abusive ex-husband. Regretting his choices, Edward eventually returned to Carlisle and Esme, who became parental figures to him, shaping the history of the Cullen clan.

Esme Cullen

Born in 1895, Esme serves as the matriarch of the Cullen family, having wed Carlisle. Their story began when, at 16, she endured a leg injury from a fall. Dr Carlisle Cullen treated her, but their paths diverged as he left town afterwards. At 22, Esme, aiming to please her parents, married Charles Evenson, only to discover his abusive nature.

After Charles returned from World War I, Esme learned of her pregnancy and fled to spare her child an abusive upbringing. Sadly, her baby passed away just two days after birth due to lung fever. Overwhelmed by grief, Esme attempted suicide by leaping off a cliff, leading her to near-death and the morgue.

However, Carlisle recognized her, the girl he had treated years ago, and couldn’t let her die. He transformed her into a vampire, and Esme embraced her new life more readily than Edward, immediately falling in love with Carlisle and marrying him.

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie’s backstory in Eclipse is even darker than it sounds. Born in 1915, her beauty attracted Royce King II, a wealthy man. They got engaged, but their loveless relationship became clear when an unsettling incident with a friend’s husband made her realize the emptiness of her engagement.

Things took a horrifying turn a week before their wedding when she was assaulted by Royce and his friends while they were drunk. Left for dead, Carlisle found her and turned her into a vampire, though Edward rejected the idea of them being mates.

Emmett Cullen

Emmett’s storyline is shorter compared to the other Cullen family members, but his transformation into a vampire was thanks to Rosalie. In 1935, he was mauled by a bear, and Rosalie found him, carrying him back home for Carlisle to turn him.

Emmett accepted his new life easily and fell in love with Rosalie right away. Since then, they have been inseparable, as both the books and films show.

Jasper Hale

Jasper, born in 1844, is the second oldest Cullen after Carlisle. He didn’t join the family until later in life. After entering the Confederate Army at 17 and quickly rising to the rank of major, he was turned into a vampire by Maria. They led a newborn vampire army to reclaim territory but later parted ways when Jasper couldn’t bear to kill the newborns, given his power to feel their emotions.

Starting a new life in the North didn’t solve his problem as he could still feel his victims’ emotions. He struggled to control his thirst until he met Alice (Ashley Greene).

Alice Cullen

Alice, born in 1901, possessed premonitions from an early age, even foreseeing her mother’s murder. Despite her warnings, her mother was killed as her visions had foretold. Her father, the true culprit, covered it up and had her committed to a mental asylum, where she suffered electroshock therapy.

Amnesia brought back her cheerful nature. In the asylum, a vampire befriended her, acting as a protector. When she foresaw the tracker James coming for her, her vampire friend turned her to save her. Her first vision post-transformation revealed Jasper as her mate, so she embraced a “vegetarian” lifestyle. They met in 1948, joined the Cullen family, and completed it.

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