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derry girls season 4 release date

British teen sitcom Derry Girls, developed and written by Lisa McGee, debuted on Channel 4 on January 4, 2018, and ran for three seasons. The series was inspired by McGee’s upbringing in Derry, Northern Ireland, in the 1990s, during the final years of the Troubles, and became the channel’s most successful comedy since Father Ted.

After airing on Channel 4 in January and February of 2018, the first season broke all records for viewership in Northern Ireland for a television series since modern ratings tracking began in 2002. Shortly after the premiere of the pilot episode, the show was renewed for a second season, which aired in March and April of 2019.

Filming for the third and final season, which is set between 1996 and 1997, was originally scheduled to begin in 2020 but was pushed back due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on television production. It debuted in April 2022. On May 18, 2022, a 45-minute special episode named “The Agreement” broadcast, which took place in 1998 at the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

derry girls season 4 release date

Know if It’s Coming or Not!

Season 3 of Derry Girls had concluded, and it ended on a devastating note with a bonus episode set during the referendum on the Good Friday Agreement.

But creator and writer Lisa McGee confirmed that there are no imminent plans for any follow-ups, so fans who think a new season or Derry Girls movie is on the horizon will be sadly disappointed.

She added at a press screening for the bonus episode that she and director Michael Lennox had discussed some ideas for spin-offs, but that production on them had been cancelled.

But you can surely seek the pleasure of watching the other three seasons on Netflix.

derry girls season 4 release date

The Cast

Real Names Character Names
Saoirse-Monica Jackson Erin Quinn
Louisa Harland Orla McCool
Tara Lynne O’Neill Mary Quinn
Kathy Kiera Clarke Sarah McCool
Tommy Tiernan Gerry Quinn
Ian McElhinney Joe McCool
Nicola Coughlan Clare Devlin
Jamie-Lee O’Donnell Michelle Mallon
Dylan Llewellyn James Maguire
Siobhán McSweeney Sister Michael
Leah O’Rourke Jenny Joyce

derry girls season 4 release date

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The Plot

At a Catholic girls’ secondary school in Derry, Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson), her cousin Orla (Louisa Harland), their friends Clare (Nicola Coughlan) and Michelle (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell), and Michelle’s English cousin James (Dylan Llewellyn) navigate their adolescence during the Troubles.

Erin shares a home with her paternal grandfather Joe, maternal grandmother Mary, her paternal aunts Sarah and Anna, and Mary’s niece Orla. James, Michelle’s cousin, was born in London after his mother Cathy fled Derry to the United Kingdom for an abortion. During her divorce, she sends him back to Derry to stay with Michelle and her mom, Deirdre.

Have a Look at The Trailer of Season 3!

In case you are interested in watching it, we’ve provided you with information about the release date. Call your friends, prepare some snacks, and transport yourself into all the available seasons of this gripping fabrication. Trust Bigflix, the journey won’t be disappointing!

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