Is There Gonna be a Season 2 For ‘Who Is Erin Carter?’

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Does 'Who Is Erin Carter?' Set Up a Season 2?

“Who Is Erin Carter?” looked like a big hit from the first show. People watch a lot of the shows on Netflix. What does she go by? It’s a riddle story with a woman as the main character. But there is no news yet that Erin Carter will come back for a second season. Erin Carter lives in Spain and works as a teacher there.

She is also a mother and a wife. Evin Ahmad plays her on stage. But does this describe her? When a man tries to rob a store and she beats him, it shows that she is a trained fighter and that her real name might not be Erin Carter. In the next book in the series, she is hurt by people she doesn’t know.

At the end of the series, it’s pretty clear that Erin just used a fake name, Kate Jones, to get what she wanted. At the time, she used her real name with her husband Jordi (Sean Teale), and daughter Harper. Who is Erin Carter, though? The strange way Season 1 ends makes you wonder who she really is.

When asked what her real name is in the last scene, Erin says she’d rather give up being Kate Jones and live as Erin Carter. But Season 1 of Erin Carter leaves a lot of room for the opinion that Erin’s past might be even bigger than what Season 1 showed.

Does 'Who Is Erin Carter?' Set Up a Season 2?

Erin’s youth is mostly a secret. Erin is said to have grown up in foster homes after her parents gave up on her. We don’t know much about her life before she went to school, though. No information has been given about her life from the time she was in foster care until she went to police school.

Also, it seems like Jim Armstrong (Jamie Bamber) already knows something about Erin that no one else does when he talks to her.

Near the end, there are more hints about this. Armstrong going up to Erin to tell her not to waste her valuable gift seems like more than just a coincidence.

Armstrong has said that he knows how likely it is that Erin will get in trouble. This could mean that Season 1 didn’t tell us everything about Erin’s past. The first season didn’t really answer the question, “Who is Erin Carter?”

At first, it was hard to figure out what Armstrong’s real goals were. Erin was sent to do something, and he didn’t want to stop her from doing it. Armstrong seems to only want to know who Ramsey’s backer is, but it’s possible that his interest in the case has more to do with himself.

Armstrong seems to have chosen Erin for the job because she has a strong set of skills and because he knew she wouldn’t give up on the chance. It could be true, but Armstrong’s actions make me doubt it.

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