Disney’s All Wet Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know!


In the short, we see Oswald sell hot dogs. The same joke was used again in the Mickey Mouse short The Karnival Kid, which came out in 1929.

What is the Release Date for Disney’s All Wet?

“All Wet” is a short sketch from 1927. Walt Disney was in charge of how Charles Mintz and George Winkler put it together. Walter Lantz Productions made a new version of the movie with new music and sounds that came out in 1932. The only form that has been found is this one. On January 1, 2023, the short story will be free for anyone to use.

What is the Plot of All Wet?

At the start of the short, Oswald is selling hot dogs on the beach. He scares away two young cats who want hot dogs, which is an odd way to do business, and then sells a hot dog to…a dog. When the dog goes to eat, the hot dog runs away. Later, Oswald is still at his stand, and another hot dog is trying to get away. When Oswald gets hold of him, he pulls his skin back and hits him.

all wet release date

Francine, who goes by “Fanny” Cottontail, will be there soon. Oswald closes his hot dog stand for the day and introduces himself because he fell in love with her at first sight. When she turns down his offer, it makes him sad, so he leaves.

Then, Oswald sees Fanny looking up at a nearby lifeguard, which makes him want to be one himself. He gives the lifeguard his badge in exchange for money, and Oswald stands on the dock. Fanny is glad to see Oswald working as a lifeguard, especially since he seems to be getting stronger and his chest is getting bigger.

A little cat crawls up to Oswald and asks for help. At first, Oswald is upset by him, but then he figures out what the cat wants: directions to the nearest outhouse. Fanny wants Oswald to notice her, so she rows out to sea, puts on a swimsuit, and jumps into the water to look like she’s in trouble.

Oswald rows out to her as soon as she gets in the water. She is waiting quietly when a fish starts pulling her down. She will soon need real help. Even though Oswald swims after her, the waves keep getting in the way and making it impossible for them to meet. In the end, a big wave brings them back to the beach, where Fanny gets soaked. Oswald “rolls” her like a tube of toothpaste to get the water out, and she kisses him to say thank you for saving her life.


After Walt Disney lost the rights to Oswald, this was the ninth Mickey Mouse movie to come out. When Wild Waves came out, the animation from the scene where Oswald saves Miss Rabbit was used again.

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