Don’t Breathe: Fede Alvarez’s Unsettling Cat and Mouse Game That Thrills!


The 2013 show by Fede Alvarez called Evil Dead was mean and scary. After that, he was ready to show he could do horror in a very different way.

When it’s bad, Don’t Breathe is just as scary and sad as Evil Dead. But what happens before that isn’t even close to as bad. In fact, Don’t Breathe would be an attempt to make a bloodless horror movie that relied more on dramatic tension than jump scares.

This day in 2016, Don’t Breathe came out. It’s about Rocky, whose role in Evil Dead was played by Jane Levy. Rocky is a young woman who is struggling to pay her bills. So that she and her sister can have a better life, she is convinced to help break into the home of a blind man, who is played by Stephen Lang of Avatar.

They hope to get something easy by breaking into the blind man’s house with her boyfriend and his friend. The thieves are wrong when they find out that the person in the house is not weak. It reminds me of “Panic Room” by David Fincher and “Wait Until Dark” by Audrey Hepburn, but in a new way.

It’s a lot like movies about fighting back against home attacks, and it has some of the same ideas as Mike Flanagan’s Hush. But as the wonderfully disgusting end of Don’t Breathe gets near, the audience starts to feel less sorry for the Blind Man and the movie starts to feel more like a horror movie. Don’t Breathe changes from one kind of music to another in a quiet way.

Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe Is an Impressively Uncomfortable Game of Cat and Mouse

The Blind Man’s replacement was made in 2021 by Rodo Sayagues, who had worked with Alavrez for many years. Years had gone by since the first movie, and in this one, he had to save a young girl he had been watching. People who liked the first one didn’t like how this one changed its focus, and some people thought it was boring compared to the first one.

Then, Alvarez went on to direct The Girl in the Spider’s Web, in which Claire Foy played the computer hacker Lisbeth Salander. It wasn’t as good as Don’t Breathe or the other books in the series. The first Alien movie to be made after Disney bought 20th Century Fox will be led by Alvarez. The name will be “Romulus.” This will be his most important series to date.

And if Fede Alvarez can give the new Alien movie the bloody meanness of Evil Dead and the cat-and-mouse tension of Don’t Breathe, it could be the best one in years.

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