All About ‘Finestkind’: Jenna Ortega’s Rise in Crime Drama – Details Inside!

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In this article, we have all the information you need about ‘Jenna Ortega Goes From Scream Queen To Bonafide Movie Star In Crime Drama Finestkind.’ Stay tuned right here at Bigflix for the details.

From Scream Queen to Crime Drama Star: Jenna Ortega in ‘Finestkind

Jenna Ortega leaves behind Ghostface and Wednesday Addams for her role in the new drama ‘Finestkind.’ Over the past few years, Jenna Ortega has become a well-known name in the entertainment industry.

While she’s been active in TV and film since a young age, her roles in horror-themed projects like ‘Scream,’ ‘X,’ and ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix have garnered her a dedicated and vocal fanbase. However, her talent extends beyond the spooky genre, and her performance in the crime drama ‘Finestkind’ solidifies her status as a genuine movie star.

‘Finestkind’ recently made its debut at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, and CinemaBlend was there to cover it. The movie is both written and directed by Brian Helgeland, known for films like ’42’ and ‘Man on Fire.’

The cast includes notable actors such as Ben Foster, Tommy Lee Jones, and Toby Wallace. The storyline revolves around estranged brothers Charlie and Tom, played by Wallace and Foster, who work as fishermen off the coast of Massachusetts.

As they reconnect and team up for the summer, Charlie forms a relationship with Mabel, portrayed by Jenna Ortega, who hails from a family involved in drug dealing.

A High-Stakes Gamble: ‘Finestkind’ Takes Viewers on a Tense Journey

As Tom attempts to pass on his risky trade to Charlie, they discover threats both on land and at sea. The fishing team takes a daring venture into Canadian waters to catch scallops but gets caught by the Coast Guard and slapped with a hefty $100k fine.

In a bid to pay off the fine, the brothers and Mabel devise a plan for a one-time drug run, plunging them into a perilous situation involving a violent heroin kingpin.

‘Finestkind’ balances moments of charm and humor with escalating tension due to the drug-running storyline. Jenna Ortega’s performance stands out as she transitions from a child actress to portraying a strong and independent woman. Even without masked killers or Addams Family characters, Jenna’s natural charisma and emotional depth shine brightly in the film.

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