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When a fantasy book or movie has swords, dresses, and magical animals, it’s pretty much done. Netflix is adding a lot more magic movies and shows to its streaming service. The Witcher, which is in its third season, and Sweet Tooth are already in this field. Now that Millie Bobby Brown is playing the main role in Damsel, it’s even more like a dream movie.

The movie was first thought of in 2020, but it won’t come out until 2023. But when will this movie be shown? And what will happen in the story? Here’s what we know so far about the new movie Damsel and what you can expect from it.

What is the Release Date for Damsel?

A new article from What’s On Netflix says that Netflix has moved Damsel to sometime in 2024. The movie was meant to come out in October 2023, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. Reports say that most of the shooting took place between February and July 1, 2022.
We have a good idea of what the magical movie is about, but we are still waiting for an official synopsis. It’s about a girl who is tricked into thinking she will marry a prince, but will actually be given to a dragon.


Damsel Plot Sypnosis

As we’ve already said, Deadline reported in November 2020 that Millie Bobby Brown would play the main role in Damsel and also be the film’s executive producer. She will play Princess Elodie, the main character of the movie, who we will follow from the beginning to the end.

Check out how Millie Bobby Brown wanted her character to change in Enola Holmes 2 if you like her.

I can’t believe the date is almost here, since the movie was announced almost three years ago. Since this news came out, Brown’s life has been very interesting. In October 2022, she was in the very well-liked follow-up to Enola Holmes. She was also in the fourth season of Stranger Things, which came out in the summer of 2022 and had everyone singing “Running Up That Hill” for months.


David Harbour talked about the next season at the Middle East Film & Comic Con in Abu Dhabi (via Collider). He said that Season 5 would start filming in June 2022. But the WGA strike stopped it. Until both strikes are over, Brown won’t be able to work on that show again. It’s awesome that she will soon be in a movie.

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