Jailer Box Office Collection Day 35 How Much Are They Making? Find All The Details You Need Here


Nelson Dilipkumar is the director and Sun Pictures’ Kalanithi Maran is the producer of the 2023 action comedy Jailer, which is set in Tamil.

Rajinikanth plays the main character in the movie, with Vinayakan, Ramya Krishnan, Vasanth Ravi, Tamannaah, Sunil, Mirnaa Menon, and Yogi Babu playing supporting parts.

PlotJailer box office collection day 35

Retired police officer Muthuvel Pandian and his family reside in Kodambakkam. Muthuvel’s son, ACP Arjun, is conducting an investigation on Varman, a peculiar mobster who operates out of Arakkonam and smuggles god idols to customers abroad.

Arjun approaches Varman’s goon Seenu and asks him to tell Arjun where Varman is. Arjun abruptly vanishes as he approaches Varman’s location, leading the police agency to speculate that he may have murdered himself in order to hide the fact that Varman most likely killed him.

Suffering over the loss of his son and partially holding himself responsible for instilling in him a sense of integrity and bravery, Muthuvel pursues Seenu and kills him, disposing of the body with the assistance of a nearby cab driver named Vimal.

Jailer box office collection day 35

Varman’s men make an attempt to kill Muthuvel’s grandson, Rithvik, even though Muthuvel persuades Varman to abandon him and his family. Furious, Muthuvel makes the decision to strike revenge and goes to Mandya to see Narasimha, a former criminal who lends him four of his sharpshooters.

Muthuvel blackmails and humiliates Varman with the aid of Narasimha’s men. After that, Varman sends people to assassinate Muthuvel and his family at home, but they are gunned down. Muthuvel is a Bihari criminal. When Kamdev learns that Muthuvel is Varman’s intended victim.

He tells him that Muthuvel was formerly known as “Tiger” Muthuvel Pandian, a cunning and flamboyant jailer at Tihar prison. In addition to punishing the offenders severely, he assisted them in changing their ways and amassed a vast network of supporters, among them Kamdev.

Varman is cornered by Muthuvel at his base, but he tells him that Arjun is still alive and makes a death threat. They eventually come to an agreement whereby Varman will free Arjun in exchange for a well-known ancient crown that is kept safe in a temple in Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh.

Jailer box office collection day 35

The Telugu actor Blast Mohan, a trustee of the temple that houses the crown, is involved in a theft that Muthuvel arranges. After a series of lies and with the assistance of a Mumbai smuggler called Mathew.

Muthuvel manages to obtain the crown and returns it to Varman; however, it is subsequently discovered that the crown he sent was a fake. After releasing Arjun, Varman discovers that he is a dishonest police officer who would assassinate his father to gain access to Varman’s enterprises.

But the phony crown also hides a secret camera, so Muthuvel can see and hear everything they say. In the meantime, Narasimha defends Muthuvel’s family and Mathew shuts down Varman’s smuggling operations, he attacks Varman’s hideout with Kamdev, Vimal, and his supporters, murdering Varman and his soldiers.

Arjun is given one final chance by Muthuvel to submit, but he rejects and it makes an attempt to murder him. Instead, Arjun is shot and killed by Narasimha’s soldiers, and Muthuvel only somberly leaves the scene.

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Jailer Box Office Collection Day 35

Jailer box office collection day 35

Jailer after 35 days of Box office has accumulated over Rs 30 lakh. The movie has also crossed the figure of Rs 344.37 crore in India. It is also set apart from Hindi and it was released in other languages such as Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada languages.

The Jailer was released theatrically on 10 August 2023 to positive reviews from critics who praised its screenwriting, direction, cast performances, characterisation, and background score.

Jailer Main Cast

Jailer box office collection day 35

Rajinikanth as “Tiger” Muthuvel Pandian

• Vinayakan as Varman

• Ramya Krishnan as Vijaya “Viji” Pandian, Muthuvel’s wife

• Vasanth Ravi as ACP Arjun Pandian, Muthuvel and Viji’s son

• Sunil as Blast Mohan

• Yogi Babu as Vimal Miranda

• Menon as Swetha Pandian, Arjun’s wife

• Rithvik as Rithvik “Rithu” Pandian, Muthuvel’s grandson

• Harshad as Dhanraj

• Jaffer Sadiq as Dokinath

• G. Marimuthu as Panneer

• VTV Ganesh as Dr. S. Dhandapani

• Redin Kingsley as Divya Nathan

• Sunil Reddy as Bagunnara Balu

• Saravanan as Seenu

• Aranthangi Nisha as Inspector G. Kanagalakshmi

• Mahanadi Shankar as police constable

• Padam Kumar as Raja Rao

• Karate Karthi as Sanju

• Sugunthan as Narasimha’s henchman

• Billy Muralee as Panju

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Where To Watch Jailer

Jailer box office collection day 35

Jailer movie is free to watch online as well as free to download from streaming sites such as 123movies, Reddit, and HBO Max. For fans outside India, the movie can be streamed on Netflix or Prime Videos.

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