Joe Keery Reflects on the End of ‘Stranger Things’: A Bittersweet Farewell!


“Stranger Things” is concluding with its fifth season, prompting fans to bid farewell to beloved characters. Despite the emotional challenge, some stars believe it’s the right moment to move on, including Joe Keery, who portrays Steve Harrington.

He recently expressed that he thinks “it’s time” for the show to conclude. For more details on Joe Keery’s perspective, check out the article on Bigflix.

Joe Keery Discusses the ‘Stranger Things’ Ending

Joe Keery, in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, expressed the complex mix of emotions he feels as “Stranger Things” nears its conclusion. He acknowledged the show’s pivotal role in shaping his career, granting him numerous opportunities.

Keery’s sentiments encompass a blend of relief and sadness, recognizing the impending end of the series while appreciating the remarkable journey alongside his talented co-stars. He aims to savour every moment and not take anything for granted, cherishing the joyous memories created on set.

Looking ahead, he hopes to carry the joy he experienced into his future endeavours. Keery acknowledged the inevitable cycle of beginnings, middles, and ends, and looks forward to the show’s conclusion despite the bittersweet nature of farewells.

Production Pause for Final ‘Stranger Things’ Season Due to Writer’s Strike

Production on the last season of “Stranger Things” came to a halt in May due to the ongoing writer’s strike. Matt and Ross Duffer, the creative duo behind the show, addressed the delay in a statement, emphasizing that writing remains ongoing even during filming.

While excited to begin production, they expressed that the strike prevents them from moving forward. They hope for a prompt resolution to enable their return to set. Despite the pause, the cast and crew have been sharing insights about the final season’s details throughout the past year, building anticipation for what’s to come in Season Five.

The cast members have shared their thoughts on moving on from the beloved show:

Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays Eleven, likened the show’s ending to graduating high school and expressed her readiness to embark on new chapters in life. She mentioned feeling grateful for the time spent on the show and the impact it had on her.

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, acknowledged the show’s cultural significance and how it has been an essential part of his growth from his teenage years into his 20s. He described the upcoming farewell as “bittersweet” and a mix of excitement and fear for the characters’ futures.

David Harbour, Jim Hopper’s actor, initially wanted the show to continue indefinitely but now believes it’s the right time for it to conclude. He called the situation “bittersweet” and emphasized the need for the cast to explore new opportunities.

Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike, expressed mixed feelings about leaving the show and highlighted the Duffer brothers’ ability to craft a perfect ending for the series. He believed that going beyond five seasons would be unnecessary and appreciated the ongoing support from fans.

As the actors prepare to say goodbye to their iconic roles, they each bring their own perspectives and emotions to the upcoming conclusion of “Stranger Things.”

When Will Season 5 Premiere?

“Stranger Things” is set to conclude with five seasons as announced by Matt and Ross Duffer in February 2022. The show’s creators initially planned for a story spanning four to five seasons, and the story evolved to require an additional season.

The first episode of Season Five is titled “Chapter One: The Crawl,” revealed in a script photo posted by Netflix in November 2022. However, due to a writers’ strike, the release date for Season Five remains undisclosed.

Amidst the anticipation for the final season, fans can expect the addition of a new character. Linda Hamilton, known for her role in the “Terminator” franchise, is confirmed to appear in Season Five. 

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