Keith Hernandez Opens Up About Seinfeld Episode and Omission from the Finale!

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The baseball spit story from Seinfeld, inspired by JFK and the Kennedy assassination, remains iconic. MLB legend Keith Hernandez’s casting as himself was genius, given his lack of acting experience and initial unfamiliarity with the show. Hernandez later shared his complex feelings about his acclaimed Seinfeld episode “The Boyfriend.”

The Real Story: Keith Hernandez’s Take on His Seinfeld Experience

Keith Hernandez, an MLB legend, joined Seinfeld, a show beloved by its baseball enthusiast creators, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. The series, set in baseball-loving New York City, featured Hernandez two years after his retirement.

Despite initial jitters, he felt at home among the cast. However, anxiety peaked when he faced a live audience for a lengthy monologue, recalling, “It was more than a little bit daunting.” His memorable JFK-inspired baseball spit story scene and challenging locker room scene marked key moments during his Seinfeld stint.

A Closer Look: Keith Hernandez’s Thoughts on Seinfeld

Keith Hernandez confessed during his Vulture interview that he had never heard of Seinfeld before joining the cast. This was because his baseball career had him playing during the show’s original prime-time airings. Hernandez humorously shared, “I would be in the second or third inning of a ball game” when Manhattan residents were having dinner at 8 p.m.

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