Lily Gladstone Slams Yellowstone’s ‘delusional’ Portrayal of American West!

Heather McKeever

Killers of the Flower Moon star Lily Gladstone slams Yellowstone's 'delusional' portrayal of American West

Lily Gladstone, who was in Killers of the Flower Moon, doesn’t like Taylor Sheridan’s novel Yellowstone. Gladstone, who is in the new Martin Scorsese movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, said it was “crazy! Deplorable!” that Hollywood and TV tend to make the American West, especially Yellowstone, seem more romantic than it really is.

According to Variety, Gladstone didn’t like the way Yellowstone portrayed the West. She did say, however, that none of the Native American figures in the series are to blame. She said that she had tried out for Yellowstone, but the only part they had was in the series. She replied, “That doesn’t mean that talent from Native people is bad.” “I tried out more than once. We had this and that.” Yellowstone has been criticized by more than just Gladstone.

Since the first episode, some people have said that the show is “anti-woke” or that it romanticizes the West by focusing on a white story instead of the region’s harder stories and situations, especially those that involve the lives of Native people. Sheridan, who made Yellowstone, has fought against this by saying that the show is about business greed and too many people.

Sheridan said earlier this year that some people called it “the conservative show” or “the Republican show” or “the red-state Game of Thrones.” “And I can’t help but laugh. “Really?” I ask myself. The show talks about how Native American women were treated and how they were taken from their homes. It also talks about how greedy companies are, how the West grew, and how land was taken from people. Isn’t that something red states do?”

Killers of the Flower Moon star Lily Gladstone slams Yellowstone's 'delusional' portrayal of American West

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Liza Black is from the Cherokee Nation and teaches history and Native American and Indigenous studies at Indiana University. In an article for High Country News last year, she talked about many of the same problems. She also said that the story of Beth Dutton, a white character played by Kelly Reilly, in Yellowstone was based on the forced sterilizations of Indigenous women in the past. She wrote, “Sheridan’s hysterical misrepresentation insults all Native American women, but especially the ones who were sterilized against their will.”

Black said, “At the heart of all of Yellowstone’s problems—the violence, the way it treats Montana like a colony, the casting scandal, and the way it erases Native history even though it has Native people in it—is a clear desire on the part of Sheridan, [Kevin] Costner, Paramount, and Hollywood itself to keep control of the story they have been telling about Indian Country for over a century.”

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