Lost You Forever Season 2 Release Date Unveiled

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Lost You Forever Season 2

Lost You Forever Season 2 is coming with a great plot and an amazing cast.

The Chinese drama television series Lost You Forever encompasses all three genres: historical fiction, romance, and fantasy. based on the “The Book of Mountain and Sea” series book “Lost You Forever” by Tong Hua. The drama, which was directed by Zoe Qin, was jointly produced by Tencent and Star Lotus Pictures.

39 episodes of the program were shown between July 24, 2023, and August 23, 2023, with new episodes appearing every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The viewer is drawn into a world of emotions and adventures in Lost You Forever by romantic and inventive themes set against a lovely historical backdrop.

The much-anticipated program has drawn interest from viewers thanks to its gripping story, superb cast performances, and unique blending of historical and fantasy aspects. After its Tencent Video premiere, it gained popularity among fans of Chinese drama and attracted viewers from both home and abroad with its gripping story and inventive visual storytelling.

Lost You Forever Cast

Lost You Forever Season 2
  • Yang Zi – Xiao Yao / Wen Xiao Liu
  • Zhang Wanyi – Cang Xuan / Zhuan Xu
  • Deng Wei – Tu Shan Jing
  • Tan Jianci – Xiang Liu
  • Wang Hongyi – Chi Shui Feng Long
  • Dai Luwa – A Nian
  • Huang Cancan – Fang Feng Yi Ying
  • Wang Zhen – Shen Nong Xin Yue

Lost You Forever Ending Explained

As of episode 17, there have been 39 episodes. It is still unknown how “Lost You Forever” will end. The story has been unfolding with a variety of heartwarming and thrilling moments, revealing the characters’ complex relationships and interactions.

Two significant events that occurred at this time in the novel were the girls’ survival after drowning and Qiang Xuan’s close encounter with Fangfeng Yi Ying. The connection between Xiao Yao and Tushan Jing seems to be the primary focus of the narrative because Xiao Yao has conflicting feelings for both Tushan Jing and Xiang Liu.

Tushan Jing’s kindness and consideration for her have helped to develop their relationship and soothe her fears of abandonment and loneliness. In the meantime, Xiang Liu approaches Xiao Yao in his female form and acts visibly moved when she mentions her friend from home.

Additionally, alliances are forming and new players are being introduced to the story, most notably Chishui Feng Long, the fourth male lead. As the characters manage their emotions and allegiances, there are indications of complex relationships and tensions among the characters.

It is obvious that Qiang Xuan has a protective attitude toward Xiao Yao. As the series continues, viewers may anticipate more character development and the resolution of the intricate plotlines, which will result in a dramatic and moving ending.

Lost You Forever Season 2

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Where to Watch Lost You Forever?

In China, “Lost You Forever” can be seen when it made its Tencent debut. Tencent Video, a popular streaming service in China, offers Chinese dramas and other entertainment. For audiences outside of Japan, Rakuten Viki has “Lost You Forever” with English subtitles.

Rakuten Viki, a global video streaming service, specializes in Asian content like Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas. It provides English subtitles so that viewers from all over the world can enjoy material from various regions.

Available on Rakuten With the help of Viki, “Lost You Forever” fans in the US and other countries may follow the captivating story of Xiao Yao’s journey through the mythological realm of gods, demons, and romance. The drama’s 39 parts were shown starting in July 24, 2023, until August 23, 2023.

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