‘Malignant’ Spills All About Its Mind-Blowing Twist- Details Explored!

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‘Malignant’ Gives You All the Clues You Need for Its Big Twist

In the third act of James Wan’s new scary movie, Malignant, the big twist about the bad guy, Gabriel, is shown. It’s a big surprise, but there are a few clues in the movie that point in that direction. Because of franchises like Saw and Insidious, which he made with fellow director and actor Leigh Whannell, and The Conjuring Universe, James Wan has become one of the most respected names in the movie business, especially in the horror field.

He has also made movies with different styles, like Furious 7 and Aquaman. Saw was the first scary movie made by Wan. It was released in 2004. It was based on a short film with the same name that he and Whannell made in 2003. After making two more Saw movies, Wan and Whannell worked on Dead Silence (2007) and Insidious (2010) together.

Wan made a number of movies as a producer after directing The Conjuring (2013) and The Conjuring 2 (2016). Aquaman (2018) was his first movie as a director since The Conjuring in 2013. His fans were excited when he said he was going to make a horror movie called Malignant.

Akela Cooper is the author of the book Malignant. It is based on a story that Wan, Cooper, and Ingrid Bisu made up on their own. Annabelle Wallis plays a woman named Madison who has dreams that a monster is killing people.

“Malignant” Twist You Need to Know!

I’m not going to pretend that this strange turn of events doesn’t leave some holes in the story. If Gabriel was using Madison’s body, how did she get spider-monkey skills like being able to jump down a whole building during the chase with Detective Shaw or having the strength to throw a huge hospital bed? Gabriel is hard to beat, but Madison is the same as everyone else.

‘Malignant’ Gives You All the Clues You Need for Its Big Twist

Not only do turns that make you gasp have this problem, but even some of the best twists in movie history have plot holes. David Fincher’s Fight Club has one of the best plot turns of all time, but when you watch it again, you wonder how Jack and Tyler Durden could be the same person in some scenes.

Or Saw, which makes you wonder why Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) had to act like he was dead the whole time he was using security cameras to watch Adam and Dr. Gordon.

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