The One Piece Secret Finally Revealed: Shanks Role in the Past Disasters!

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A recent video from the YouTube channel Dawn and Dusk explores the possibility of Antarctica existing in the world of One Piece, and the mystery surrounding Shanks and his crew. The theory posits that Shanks is already aware of the existence of this continent and has taken steps to ensure that the secrets of Antarctica do not come to light.

It suggests that these steps are directly connected to the recent natural disasters in the One Piece world. The theory explores the origins of the Red Hair Pirates and sheds light on the events leading up to the current arc in the series.

Bigflix sheds light on a theory that posits that Shanks already knows the secret to these disasters and has taken steps to keep it under wraps – all of this while providing insight into the mysterious origins of the Red Hair Pirates.

The article draws on evidence from various sources and provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, offering a unique perspective on the world of One Piece and Shanks’ role in it. The theory aims to add a layer of intrigue to Shanks’ character and shed light on the complex dynamics of the One Piece universe.

Unveiling the Mysteries Behind One Piece’s Recent Natural Disasters

A popular fan theory attempts to uncover the secrets behind the natural disasters currently plaguing the world of One Piece. The theory posits that a mysterious cavern discovered in the ruins of Lulusia is the root of the current series of earthquakes and tsunamis.

It suggests that Shanks, a key character in the series, has deep ties to Antarctica, a mysterious region that exists in the world of One Piece. The theory investigates the significance of places like Elbaf and the Arctic and suggests that the character Shanks may have a significant connection to these mysterious elements in the series.

A theory suggests that a one-meter rise in sea levels worldwide may be caused by melting polar ice in the One Piece universe. This melting is potentially linked to warmer seawater infiltrating these ice formations.

The theory proposes the presence of geothermal activity and underwater volcanoes in the One Piece world. When the Mother Flames technique was used, it was theorized that a large cavity was created beneath the seabed, where geothermal energy was emitted.

This cavity triggered volcanic eruptions underwater, resulting in magma leaking out, causing seawater to enter the cavity and heat up due to geothermal energy, thus increasing temperatures.

One Piece Storyline

Theory proposes that ocean currents in the One Piece world played a significant role in distributing warm seawater globally and triggering seismic activities worldwide, leading to a one-meter increase in global sea levels.

This process is said to have caused the massive ice masses in polar regions to experience warming from the inflow of warmer water. This warming is said to have resulted in massive ice masses melting, leading to an increase in ocean levels.

This theory effectively addresses counterarguments, explaining that the rise in global sea levels ceased once the heated seawater reached the bottom of the cavern. It explores the significance of Elbaf, an island inhabited by giants within the One Piece universe and its potential role in the series’ ongoing storyline.

It speculates that the character Shanks, a character notorious for his various connections and adventures, has a potential connection to Elbaf. The theory proposes that Elbaf’s historical significance could play a major role in the series’ events.

Moreover, there are potential connections between the Red-Haired Pirates and Elbaf, which involve aspects of Elbaf’s culture, history, and a mysterious giant egg.

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