Who Has Won the Oscar for Best Picture for Two Years in a Row?


Think about how happy an actress must be when a movie in which she plays wins the Oscar for best picture. Now, think about starting over next year. That’s how people become well-known in Hollywood.

Well, since the beginning of the film, a small group of artists have done that. Clark Gable, Walter Pidgeon, Christopher Walken, Rhys Williams, Edwin Maxwell, and Gino Corrado, who you might not know as well, have all done it.

“I think most artists would be happy to be in one best picture winner during their lives. Dave Karger, the host of Turner Classic Movies, talked on the phone with TODAY about how fun it would be to be in more than one movie and how exciting it would be to be in two movies right after each other.”

Only One Person Has Won the Oscar for Best Picture for Two Years in a Row

Most directors only have one chance to win an Oscar, but some of the best have won more than once. One American film director and screenwriter is famous for getting the Oscar for Best Picture two years in a row, which was an amazing feat.

David O. Selznick is best known for making movies based on the books “Gone with the Wind” by Victor Fleming and “Rebecca” by Alfred Hitchcock. So, for two years in a row, he won the Academy Award for Best Picture. No one else has ever done such a great thing.

Only One Person Has Won the Best Picture Oscar Two Years in a Row

David O. Selznick won an award that wasn’t called “Best Picture” at the time. Before Selznick won it, the name of the award changed a lot. When he won in 1940 and 1941, the award was called the Oscar for Outstanding Production, but it is now called the Best Picture prize.

Back then, this award went to the company that made the movie, not to a single director as it does now. Selznick International Pictures won the awards in this case. In 1950, the rule was changed so that only one person could win.

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