Rebel Moon: Was It a Star Wars Movie? Exploring the Past, Present, and Differences!


Rebel Moon was made to look like a Star Wars movie, so if you think it does, it’s because it does. This week, the first movie in Zack Snyder’s new sci-fi blockbuster came out on Netflix. Even though it doesn’t come out until December 22, people are already saying that the movie is like George Lucas’ space fantasy.

Come on, rebels who are trying to save the galaxy by facing a cruel power. Even though Snyder’s style of making dark, serious movies is all over it, it’s easy to see some strong similarities. Rebel Moon could have been a part of the official Star Wars story, but instead it will be one of the most popular movies on Netflix in 2023.

But things didn’t go the way Snyder thought they would, which may have been for the best.

Rebel Moon Was Once Pitched As a Star Wars Movie

Snyder’s ideas for Rebel Moon were not liked by more than just Warner Bros. At one point, he talked for a short time with Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm about how to change it to fit into the new Star Wars story. Deborah Snyder said, “He met with some people from Star Wars before the sale, and ILM showed him some art.”

Zack Snyder said that there were early talks, but they never got to the point where they worked on the script: “it never got that far. Just by talking about it, we came up with a few ideas. Snyder also said in a different interview that he didn’t want it to be related to any other Star Wars story.

Was Rebel Moon A Star Wars Movie? What Happened & What's Different Now

Deborah Snyder thinks it would be better as its own original IP, even though Zack Snyder is a big Star Wars fan and wanted to make it happen: “I always thought, ‘Doing something new is better and more in your area,’ but he’s such a fan that I think it was interesting to him, and it never worked out.

Snyder was getting ready to start filming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He says that Disney already had their new plan for Star Wars set up after that. “So I thought, ‘Hey, I can do this someday,'” he says. “But, you know, once they sold it, they had a pretty good idea of what Star Wars would be like in the future.”


Zack Snyder had an idea for a Star Wars movie a long time ago, in a world far, far away. “It was like Seven Samurai in space,” he told Empire. “It was my first thought to turn it into a Star Wars movie.” We know that’s not what happened. What’s up? Snyder says that his original plan would not have been possible because of the rules of Lucasfilm, which Disney had just bought in 2012.

After all, none of George Lucas’s well-known movie characters were in his plan. Instead, it was about unknown new heroes and a story that was not part of the Skywalker story. “There was that window, and who knows what was behind it? “I don’t want any of your figures,” I said. I do not want to work with well-known people. I just want to do things for myself on the side.’ The first thing I thought was, “It should be rated R!” He said, “That almost didn’t make any sense.”

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out a few years later, it was clear that Snyder’s big idea didn’t fit with the rest of the series, which was going in a much more nostalgia direction. “To be honest, I knew it was a big request. But as I got more engaged, I realized that it probably wouldn’t ever be what I wanted.”


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