Risking Elimination: The Strange Rules of Big Brother Cast Members!

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“Big Brother” has captivated audiences worldwide for over two decades, originating as a little-known Dutch reality competition. The show’s global popularity draws millions of viewers per episode and attracts prospective contestants hoping for fame and fortune.

Despite the appearance of anything-goes, Big Brother housemates must adhere to peculiar rules to avoid eviction and missing out on the show’s cash prize. Discover these peculiar regulations in our article, “Big Brother Cast Members Have To Follow These Weirdly Specific Rules (Or Risk Getting Kicked Out),” exclusively at Bigflix.

Big Brother Rules: Cast Members Forbidden from Bringing Items from Home

In the world of “Big Brother,” rules vary significantly between the casting process and life inside the house. During casting, finalists are sequestered in a hotel, mostly staying in their rooms, only venturing out for interviews and evaluations.

Former winner Rachel Reilly shared her experience of spending seven days in seclusion with books, puzzles, games, and a portable DVD player to stay entertained.

However, once inside the Big Brother house, the rules take a different turn. Contestants are not allowed to bring personal entertainment items like books or pens, as these might lead to independent activities. Instead, the house offers amenities like exercise equipment and an outdoor pool table to encourage interaction among contestants.

With no access to communication devices or the internet, the absence of distractions forces contestants to engage with one another, making it clear that Big Brother knows how to create a unique social experiment.

Big Brother’s Strict Showering Time Limits Policy

In alignment with the global push for environmentally friendly practices, Big Brother has taken steps to promote sustainability within the show and its house design.

Big Brother Australia, for example, boasts an eco-friendly house constructed from sustainable plantation timber, featuring living green walls that cultivate herbs for housemates’ meals. Additionally, the house conserves water by using rainwater for toilet flushing. To prevent water wastage, the show enforces strict shower time limits on contestants.

This eco-conscious approach is not unique to Australia, as Big Brother shows in other countries also implement similar regulations, although the permitted shower times may vary. For instance, Australian contestants enjoy 60 minutes of shower time, while participants in the Philippine edition of Big Brother are limited to just five minutes, as per archived rule books.

Big Brother Rules: Prohibiting Bad Behavior in the House

While living together in the Big Brother house can lead to some wild situations, there are clear boundaries that contestants must not cross. The applicant agreement for Big Brother explicitly states that damaging the house or any set elements is strictly prohibited, resulting in potential expulsion.

Furthermore, contestants are not allowed to make threats of bodily harm or physical violence towards fellow contestants or the show’s staff. The producers reserve the right to determine if verbal threats constitute a breach of this rule.

This policy extends to verbal behaviour as well, as demonstrated by the removal of Luke Valentine from Big Brother season 25. During a livestream, Valentine used a racial slur, leading to his eviction.

The show and CBS have a zero-tolerance policy for racial slurs. This incident sets a clear precedent, making it evident that future rule-breakers may face similar consequences as Big Brother continues to be available for streaming.

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