Rocket League Season 12 Release Date Revealed

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Rocket League Season 12

Rocket League Season 12 is all set to release so get your hands on Rocket League if you enjoy both football and supercars. Rocket League, a video game created and released by Psyonix, is a true pioneer in its field. It’s a fun soccer game, but there’s a catch: you have to score goals with vehicles that are powered by rockets. Is it sufficiently exciting? There is, however, more to it. 

The creators constantly provide new season updates in order to keep the game entertaining and engaging. On June 7, 2023, the eleventh season of Rocket League debuted. Although the new season just started, players are already preparing for the following one.

An upcoming Rocket League season will have a ton of fresh content. In Season 12, players will be able to acquire a variety of rewards, including car skins, banners, and other items.

Some new features will also be added to the game with the start of Season 12. These features will enhance gamers’ experiences and offer more entertainment options.

Release date for Rocket League Season 12

But when can we anticipate the release of Season 12? If we examine the dates of the previous Rocket League seasons’ releases, we see that there is often a lag of 3–4 months between each one. For instance, the 10th Season ran from March 8th, 2023, through June 6th, 2023. After then, Season 11 premiered on June 7th.

According to this pattern, Rocket League Season 11 may end on September 5 or 6, and then Season 12 will begin. Hence, the launch of Rocket League Season 12 is set on August 27 at 10 AM PDT/18 PM GMT. The fresh and interesting material is all accessible to players after they download a tiny update.

The Rocket Pass 4, a new stats system, and a “all-new audio mix” are all included in this update.

Rocket League Season 12 new features

Rocket League Season 12

It’s crucial that you look at Season 11 of Rocket League first if you want to know what to anticipate from the game’s upcoming 12th season.

Two new features for the game are coming, as was already reported. A new audio mix is the other, while a new statistic system is the first. Providing players with a more immersive experience is their shared objective.

The “High Five” and “Low Five” statistical categories will be added to the new stat system. Players now have a brand-new option to enjoy themselves with their friends and teams.

You now have a new method for celebrating with your colleagues thanks to the “High Five” and “Low Five” system.

After a goal is scored, players give their teammates a “High Five” by slamming against each other in midair. The “Low Five” is essentially the same as the “High Five,” only it takes place on the ground rather than in the air.

The more significant sounds in the game will be highlighted by the new audio mix.

Now, at particular times, the volume of the crowd will briefly be decreased. The creators claim that this will “give players a clearer audio experience”.

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Rewards for Rocket League Season 12

We still don’t have any information on the Season 12 incentives. However, considering that the Season 11 incentives were a fresh boost, we anticipate something different for Season 12.

The Season 12 awards can come with a fresh car skin, a special banner, or a wheels skin.

As soon as more details about the Season 12 awards are made public, we’ll be sure to update the article.

You should make an effort to finish your current Rocket Pass and get your end-of-season goodies before Rocket League’s 12th season really begins. You’ll soon have to restart with all new equipment and awards.

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