Sarah Jessica Parker Adopts Carrie Bradshaw’s Cat from ‘And Just Like That…’ Details Inside!


Sarah Jessica Parker has said that she took in the cute kitten that her character Carrie Bradshaw saved in the second season of “And Just Like That…” The 58-year-old actress, whose SATC co-star Kim Cattrall just came back for the last episode of the reboot, shared some cute photos of herself with the cat, which Carrie called Shoe on the show.

Che Diaz got Shoe as a pet because Sara Ramirez, who played her, worked at a vet center. Carrie was so afraid that she brought the kitten into her apartment and then into her new house. SJP posted pictures of her new kitten, which she got from the Connecticut Humane Society, and wrote, “His real name is Lotus.” The CT Humane Society took him and his boys in when they were babies. All of their names came from plants.

Sarah Jessica Parker Adopted Carrie Bradshaw’s Cat from ‘And Just Like That…’ Shares Pics

Tuesday, the star of “And Just Like That…” wrote on Instagram that she had taken in the pet from the hit show “Max.” Shoe used to belong to Carrie, but now she lives with Parker. “His name off-camera is Lotus,” 58-year-old Parker wrote in the title of her post. “When he and his siblings were little and the CT Humane Society took them in, they were all given plant names.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Adopted the Adorable Kitten From And Just Like That...

“She joined the Parker/Broderick family for real in April 2023. He will live with Rémy and Smila, two dogs we got in May 2022. “If he looks familiar, that’s because he is,” the star said of her new pet, who came from the Connecticut Humane Society to the set of And Just Like That…

People could learn more about Lotus from the charity’s Facebook page. “Some of the animals at the Connecticut Humane Society go to foster homes that are a lot of fun. Little Lotus got to go to the movie set of And Just Like That, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, in Manhattan.

Did you go to his first performance? It was adorable. “Lotus liked being in the spotlight so much that he decided to stay on the show!” wrote the Connecticut Humane Society about the kitten’s new home. Read more on

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