What Might Be the Release Date of Netflix’s New Documentary Scouts Honor?

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A new Netflix series will look at a troubling part of the Boy Scouts of America’s history in a way that will get people’s attention with its raw honesty and frank look at the past. A true crime documentary called “Scouts Honor” goes back in time to tell the scary story of survivors and their long fight for justice.

Join us as we tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming documentary that tells the untold story of abuse, resilience, and the relentless chase of the truth.

Scouts Honor Release Date

In the movie, people who were abused sexually as children and people who worked there talk about one of the worst crimes. The documentary also talks to Michael Johnson, who used to be the head of youth security for the Boy Scouts and then told the truth.

In 2021, he told the world for the first time that the youth group had kept secret the sexual abuse of thousands of children.

scouts honor

People think that the movie will show how the Boy Scouts covered up a number of terrible events and cases of abuse and how wrong that has been for many victims over the years. It matters a lot how these cases were looked into. Some survivors also want to say something. The movie is based on the stories Patrick Boyle told in his book Scout’s Honor, which came out in 1994.

Boyle wrote in the Boy Scouts about the event. You can’t help but feel sad when you hear the sad stories of survival. Write down a date that might help you figure out a secret part of history. The Boy Scouts of America’s Scouts Honor: The Secret Files will only be available on Netflix on September 6, 2023.


From the same people who wrote Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief and The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, Scout’s Honor is sure to be a trip that will open your eyes, make you think, and make you want to change.

This documentary is full of gripping stories, honest conversations, and careful retellings of events that are sure to stay with viewers. Keep an eye out for a sneak peek at the story, the release date, the video, and more! Know about more of documentaries like this on https://www.bigflix.com/.

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