Shah Rukh Khan Meets Fans Outside His Home, Mannat, as His Movie Jawan Achieves Great Success: Delights Them with His Famous Pose

Abhijeet Kaul

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Shah Rukh Khan made his fans extremely happy because his latest movie, “Jawan,” did even better than anyone expected. This success made him the undisputed king of the box office with two big hits in a row.

To celebrate this achievement, the famous actor held a special meeting with the press, and his loyal fans and the media from Mumbai were part of this event.

For those fans who couldn’t attend the press gathering on Friday, Shah Rukh Khan did something really special. He stepped out of his grand home called Mannat and went to a spot near his house, where a stage had been set up.

There, he greeted a massive crowd of people who had gathered to see him and thanked them for their love and support.

On that day, Shah Rukh Khan wore a simple blue t-shirt. He blew kisses to his fans and even did his famous pose with his arms wide open to show his appreciation. This caused a temporary halt in the traffic outside his home on that Sunday.

During the press conference, Shah Rukh Khan explained the meaning of the word “Jawan.” He said, “Jawan represents many things – it represents the emotions of an Indian, it symbolizes an Indian soldier, it embodies an Indian mother, an Indian girl, and even an Indian vigilante.


It’s important to realize that a ‘Jawan’ is often very vulnerable because a ‘Jawan’ is all of us. Sometimes, a ‘Jawan’ is ready to fight, and sometimes, a ‘Jawan’ makes mistakes, but many times, a ‘Jawan’ does the right thing. Sometimes, a ‘Jawan’ lives in darkness, and at other times, a ‘Jawan’ is the one who brings light. Ultimately, all of us, every Indian, is a ‘Jawan,’ standing tall and upright. Please remember that.”

Shah Rukh Khan also shared that his children, Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan, played a significant role in motivating him to return to work after a break of three years.

He revealed, “I haven’t been working for quite a while. I tend to see everything in a positive light. I was feeling quite nervous because I hadn’t worked for such a long time. Going back to a movie set after three years felt completely new, and it was a different experience.

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My elder son, Aryan, told me, ‘We knew what stardom feels like when we were growing up because your movies were always hits.’ My daughter, Suhana, said, ‘I know it too.’ They both said, ‘But the youngest one, AbRam, knows you’re a star but has never seen or felt that stardom in the air. So, for the next five films, please work hard and let him experience that stardom in the air. He’ll love you and respect you for it.'”

Shah Rukh Khan returned to the big screen with “Pathaan” after his last film, “Zero,” in 2018. “Jawan” is his second film of the year, and he plans to finish 2023 with a bang by starring in Rajkumar Hirani’s “Dunki,” set to release on Christmas.

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