Society of the Snow Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Where to Stream, and More!

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The Venice Film Festival is set to conclude with the highly anticipated world premiere of “La Sociedad De La Nieve” (Society Of The Snow), a survival thriller directed by J. A. Bayona, known for his work on films like “The Orphanage” and “The Impossible.” The film delves into the gripping true account of a 1970s rugby team that endures a harrowing ordeal after their plane crashes on an unforgiving glacier in the Andes.

Struggling to survive in one of the world’s most challenging environments, the survivors must navigate the harsh elements and dire circumstances. This narrative draws inspiration from the remarkable story documented by Frank Marshall in his 1993 film “Alive.” As the curtain falls on the Venice Film Festival, audiences can anticipate a riveting cinematic journey into the depths of human resilience and determination.

In this article, we have all the details you need about the release of ‘Society of Snow.’ From its official release date to the information on how to watch it, we’ve got you covered right here at Bigflix. Stay informed and prepared to experience the upcoming release of this exciting film.

What Is the Release Date of Society Of The Snow?

Get ready for an international cinematic treat as Netflix is gearing up to globally release the film ‘Society of Snow’ on September 9, 2023.

Make sure to mark your calendars and free up your schedule for this highly anticipated survival thriller. The countdown begins with a gripping and unforgettable viewing experience that promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

Who Is Starring in ‘Society Of The Snow’?

Curious to discover the faces that will grace this enthralling film? Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve uncovered so far. Get ready to unveil the cast of this captivating thriller that’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seats. Stay tuned for more updates on the talented individuals who will bring ‘The Society of Snow’ to life. Check Out the Official Cast list below:

                                                                                        Real Name

                                                                                    Enzo Vogrincis

                                                                                    Rafael Federman

                                                                                   Esteban Bigliardi

                                                                                  Santiago Vaca Narvaja

                                                                                   Alfonsina Carrocio

                                                                                    Agustín Pardella

                                                                                    Matías Recalt

                                                                                    Simon Hempe

                                                                                    Paula Baldini

                                                                                Fernando Contingiani

                                                                                    Valentino Alonso

                                                                                  Agustín Della Corte

                                                                                     Tomas Wolf

                                                                                     Andy Pruss

                                                                                    Juan Diego Eirea

                                                                                     Juan Caruso

                                                                                Felipe Gonzalez Otaño

What Is the Plotline of Society Of The Snow?

In the midst of an enthralling narrative, the unfortunate crash of a rugby team’s flight unfolds, entangling them in a dire catastrophe upon a relentless glacier deep within the Andes. Marooned in the aftermath, a select few survivors are thrust into the formidable ordeal of navigating one of Earth’s most unforgiving landscapes.

Their tenacious struggle for survival stands as the heart and soul of this tale, epitomizing the unwavering spirit of humanity pitted against the unyielding forces of nature. It’s a profound exploration of resilience, where their indomitable willpower is put to the ultimate test amidst nature’s sternest trials.

Is there a Trailer for Society Of The Snow?

As of now, Netflix has yet to release any trailers for the upcoming film. However, there’s good news on the horizon: Netflix is committed to delivering these trailers as the release date draws closer. Stay attentive and on the lookout for the eagerly awaited launch of the official trailer. Excitement is building, and this preview promises to provide an intriguing glimpse into what ‘The Society of Snow’ has in store.

How To Stream Society Of The Snow Movie?

Exclusively available on Netflix, the captivating journey of ‘Society of the Snow’ can be experienced through streaming on this renowned platform. This remarkable survival tale is yours to discover, offering a unique and immersive cinematic experience that’s reserved only for Netflix subscribers.

By having an account, you’ll effortlessly dive into the world of this thrilling movie. Moreover, Netflix offers a plethora of options, enriching your viewing experience with a wide array of choices beyond this captivating tale. So, with just a few clicks, you can explore a universe of entertainment that goes beyond the boundaries of ‘Society of the Snow.’

Netflix has acquired the digital rights to this film, introducing a novel approach to film distribution and consumption. The response to this distinctive release strategy will certainly be a point of intrigue in the coming days.

Netflix offers various membership options that come with no extra charges for any of its services. The package you choose determines the video quality and the number of screens you can use to stream Netflix simultaneously.

Don’t forget to clear your schedule for the release date – it’s time to be swept away by this intriguing movie! The standard plan at $9.99 per month, allowing ad-free streaming on two devices simultaneously, or the premium program at $14.99 per month, enabling ad-free streaming on up to six devices at once.

With such flexibility and so many choices, Netflix ensures an enjoyable streaming experience for all viewers, including the eagerly awaited Spanish movie“Society Of The Snow”.

What Is the Runtime of the Movie?

Prepare to be immersed for a total of 2 hours and 24 minutes as you embark on the cinematic journey of ‘Society of the Snow.’ This runtime promises an extended and engaging experience, allowing you to fully delve into the gripping narrative and thrilling moments the film has to offer.

Who Is Making Society Of The Snow?

Under the skilled direction of J.A. Bayona, ‘Society of the Snow’ comes to life on the screen. The creative minds behind the screenplay include J.A. Bayona, Nicolás Casariego, and Jaime Marques. With their combined vision and storytelling prowess, they have crafted the captivating narrative that unfolds in this thrilling movie.

Their collective efforts promise an unforgettable cinematic experience that will captivate audiences and bring the story to vivid life.


In conclusion, ‘Society of the Snow’ emerges as a riveting cinematic endeavor directed by J.A. Bayona. Anchored by a talented team of writers including Nicolás Casariego and Jaime Marques, the film immerses audiences in a harrowing tale of survival as a rugby team faces the unforgiving challenges of an Andean glacier.

With its exclusive availability on Netflix, viewers can anticipate a 2-hour and 24-minute journey that tests the limits of human resilience against the backdrop of nature’s harshest elements. As the release date approaches and trailers remain eagerly awaited, this Netflix original promises to deliver a thrilling and unforgettable experience for all who venture into its icy depths.

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