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In “The Last Voyage of the Demeter,” Dracula sets sail on the high seas, but he’s not a pirate, which some might find a missed opportunity.

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Dracula at Sea: A Review of ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter

This genre exercise stays true to Bram Stoker’s original novel, particularly the “Captain’s Log” chapter where Dracula preys on sailors during his voyage from Romania to London.

As for his motive, it remains a mystery. What’s more perplexing is how a talented cast, including Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton), Aisling Franciosi (The Nightingale), and Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones), can’t inject any life into this film. It feels lifeless, much like Dracula on a boat, adrift in dim-lit mediocrity.

Stream It or Skip It: ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter’

In 1897, an accident off the English coast left the first investigator utterly shocked. However, the story takes us four weeks back to Romania, where Captain Elliot readies his ship, the Demeter, for a journey to England.

Suspicious crates are loaded on board, and a rugged, scarred, and weather-beaten sailor, in typical late-19th-century fashion, spots a dragon sigil on the crates and wisely makes a hasty exit. This sets the stage for what’s to come, and it’s a good moment for potential movie-watchers to brace themselves for the unfolding events.

A Doctor’s Journey: Clemens and the Mysterious Voyage

Clemens, our protagonist, seeks passage to London as a skilled doctor. He faces crew suspicion except for Captain Elliot’s grandson, Toby, who introduces him to ship life and the crew, unwittingly hinting at future dangers.

Strange events occur a few days into the voyage, leading Clemens to discover the near-lifeless stowaway Anna. Despite crew objections due to infection fears, food scarcity, and superstitions about women at sea, Clemens saves her with a blood transfusion. Sailors are always an intriguing bunch!

The cargo hold harbours a hidden Dracula, unbeknownst to the crew. His nightly bloodlust begins with a gruesome slaughter of pigs and goats, sparking repeated nocturnal incidents and ensuing morning dread. Anna, still groggy, hints at impending doom, but the crew remains clueless about the vampire aboard.

Fear and foolishness reign supreme, as they never consider inspecting the ominous box below, practically screaming “DO NOT DISTURB – DRACULA SLEEPING,” and daytime investigations seem out of the question in this dimly lit movie.

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