Vhagar Isn’t the Most Terrifying Dragon in “House of the Dragon”- Find Out Who Is!


The story of the people who lived before Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen is told in House of the Dragon. It comes before Game of Thrones. It’s mostly about the Targaryen family’s history and is full of fire and blood, which is the family’s main theme. There has been blood on the HBO show House of the Dragon.

Some of HOTD’s scary characters have actually spilled blood or done other horrible things that shocked the crowd. Some of these people are now either more loved or more hated because of this. In the same way, the people of Westeros and the people who watch the show admire and fear these figures.

Even though all dragons look scary, the Cannibal is one of the few that actually scares people as much as it does. In the books, Prince Jacaerys asked all the dragon seeds (the children of Targaryens and Velaryons) to help him calm the wild dragons and win the war against the Greens.

Many dragon seeds came forward and said they would try to train Sheepstealer and Grey Ghost, but no one was brave or stupid enough to go into the Cannibal’s lair, which was full of the bones of people who had tried to ride him before the Dance of the Dragon.

The Most Terrifying Dragon of 'House of the Dragon' Isn't Vhagar

No one knows for sure how old the Cannibal is, but it is said that he is much older and bigger than the other wild dragons. When King Jaehaerys I was still a child, Sheepstealer came out of his egg. Sheepstealer is at least 80 years old, and maybe even older.

The Cannibal is possibly close to 100 years old because he is older than the Sheepstealer. He is older than most of the other dragons at the Dance because of this. Even though most dragons are known to be dangerous, the Cannibal was not like most dragons.

He was a wild animal, so it made sense that he was mean to people. He was different from the other dragons in House of the Dragon because he ate other dragons. He ate dead dragons, played with young dragons, and even ate dragon eggs and dragon babies.

Killing a fellow dragon out of anger is one thing, but Cannibal’s deeds show that he likes to eat his own kind. The idea that people might eat each other is even scary.

From a basic point of view, it looks bad and disgusting. And it makes you feel scary crazy because you can’t help but wonder what kind of scary level of separation from its own species someone needs to have in order to eat its own kind.

The Cannibal is a dangerous enemy that you don’t want to meet on the battlefield because it likes to eat its own kind. We don’t know much about the Cannibal because no one who knew him well enough to talk about him is still living.

Before and during the Targaryen civil war, the Cannibal was rarely seen, and after the Dance, he was never seen again. This lack of information, along with the Cannibal’s actions that couldn’t be explained, left a big hole that strange stories often spin and circle around.

One story says that the Cannibal lived in Dragonstone before Aegon the Conqueror and his dragons came to Westeros and that the Cannibal was from a different line of dragons than Aegon. This proves that the Cannibal wasn’t a Targaryen, which is why he was so mean to other dragons.

Even though this idea explains why the Cannibal does some odd things, it hasn’t been proven yet. Most masters don’t believe it because if it were true, the Cannibal would have to be at least 240 years old, which is much older than any dragon we’ve seen in A Song of Ice and Fire.

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