The Untold Volume 3 Release Date, Trailer, and How to Stream the Riveting Netflix Series?


The highly anticipated documentary anthology series, UNTOLD, returns with Volume 3, presenting a gripping four-week summer event. This instalment delves into some of the sports’ most notorious and controversial events, including doping scandals, the story of boxing’s most reviled figure, and the scrutiny a football star faces. 

Each week, viewers will be treated to three films and a four-episode series, featuring compelling first-person accounts from the athletes and subjects involved. In this article, we will cover intimate details, the series offers a revealing look at the immense pressure and public scrutiny these individuals endured while competing in their respective fields. UNTOLD promises to be a compelling and insightful exploration of the human side of sports’ darkest moments.

What is the release date of Untold Volume 3?

Get ready for a captivating summer with Untold Volume 3, exclusively on Netflix! Starting from August 1, each gripping instalment of this documentary series will be released weekly, offering subscribers an immersive look into some of the sports’ most infamous events. 

From doping scandals to the tales of boxing’s most notorious heel and a football star facing scrutiny, Untold promises to deliver riveting first-person accounts from the athletes and subjects who lived through these tumultuous moments. 

Don’t miss out on this compelling exploration of the human side of sports, and mark your calendars to catch each new episode as they become available. It’s time to delve into the untold stories that shaped the world of sports!

Who Is in the Cast of Untold Volume 3?

Exciting news! Netflix recently dropped the trailer for Untold Volume 3, their new sports docuseries. Mark your calendars for August, as the four episodes will be released weekly.

Featured Stars Series Directed by
Jake Paul Andrew Renzi
Johnny Manziel Ryan Duffy
Victor Conte Bryan Storkel
Coach Urban Meyer Katharine English
Tim Tebow  
Brandon Siler  
Brandon Spikes  

The first episode, “Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child,” hits Netflix on August 1st. Get ready for some thrilling sports stories!

What Is the Plot of Untold Volume 3?

Get ready for Untold Volume 3 as it delves deep into intriguing untold stories. From Paul to Johnny Manziel, the series sheds light on their lesser-known journeys. Unravel the infamous BALCO steroid scandal and discover hidden truths behind the Florida Gators. These captivating tales aim to enlighten viewers with fresh insights into popular topics that have remained relatively hidden. Prepare to be amazed by the revelations!

Each week, this character-driven event takes you beyond the headlines, offering candid and intimate accounts from those who experienced it firsthand. From Jake Paul’s quest to revolutionize boxing to Johnny Manziel’s rise and fall as “Johnny Football,” these stories reveal grit, triumph, heartbreak, and humor beneath the sweat.

Discover the dark web spun by Victor Conte and Balco, entangling top athletes in a steroid controversy. Plus, get the definitive account of the Florida Gators’ dramatic journey in college football from 2005 to 2010, featuring Coach Urban Meyer and star players like Tim Tebow, Brandon Siler, and Brandon Spikes. 

Where to Watch Untold Volume 3?

Get ready for sports thrills this August on Netflix with Untold Volume 3! Jack Paul to Johnny Manziel – their untold journeys await!

Subscribe now and mark your calendars for the epic release date. These captivating stories will leave you on the edge of your seat! Don’t miss out!

Is there any trailer for Untold Volume 3?

The excitement builds as Netflix drops the new Untold Volume 3 trailer! Brace yourself for riveting sports stories featuring Jake Paul, Johnny Manziel, and an array of other captivating athletes. Get inspired, shocked, and moved by these untold tales of triumph and challenges. Don’t miss the upcoming docuseries event of the year!

Click Here to watch trailer

The new Untold Volume 3 trailer has fans buzzing with anticipation, hinting at fresh revelations about popular topics. Netflix’s investigative prowess seems to have uncovered intriguing new information. The Florida Gators segment promises to be particularly captivating, offering a closer glimpse into Urban Meyer’s coaching era and the complexities of his character.

Despite being regarded as one of the greatest college football coaches, his questionable actions during that time, as highlighted by NCAAF news, add an extra layer of intrigue to this compelling story. Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions and a deeper understanding of these fascinating sports tales!

Who Is Making Untold Volume 3?

Untold Volume 3 boasts a talented team of directors, including Andrew Renzi, Ryan Duffy, Bryan Storkel, and Katharine English. The executive producers behind this gripping docuseries are Chapman Way, Maclain Way, Ben Silverman, Howard T. Owens, Isabel San Vargas for Propagate, Ryan Duffy, Doug Banker, Mike Seander, Louise Norman, and Tom Sheahan for RAW.

With such a powerhouse of creative minds at the helm, viewers can expect an unforgettable and immersive journey into the untold stories of sports history. Get ready for an unforgettable storytelling experience!


In conclusion, Untold Volume 3 is set to deliver a gripping and enlightening experience as it reveals untold stories from the world of sports. With a talented team of directors and executive producers at the helm, this docuseries promises to go beyond the headlines, offering candid and intimate accounts of sports legends like never before. 

From the lesser-known journeys of Jack Paul and Johnny Manziel to the intriguing tales of the Florida Gators and the BALCO steroid scandal, viewers are in for a treat as they dive deep into these captivating narratives.

Mark your calendars and set your reminders for the release date, because Untold Volume 3 promises to be an unforgettable exploration of the human spirit and the transformative power of sports. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and astonished as these untold stories come to life, only on Netflix. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary docuseries that is sure to captivate the world!

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