Marcus Rutherford Exclaims: The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Is “Darker” and “More Mature”


The second season of The Wheel of Time is almost over, and the stakes are much higher than they were before. Elyas and his pack of wolves saved Perrin. Nynaeve said “no” when she was given the chance to become an Aes Sedai. Rand stopped being in charge of the One Power.

The Wisdom of Emond’s Field was given back to Egwene. Everyone seems to be getting closer to the end of their lives faster than ever. And people usually get into a lot of trouble when they try to mess with fate. Since the main characters have given up their home wants and taken up arms in the way of fate, things won’t be easy for their mortal souls or for the audience from now on.

Marcus Rutherford’s Views On The Wheels Of Time Season 2

On Prime Video, the second season of “The Wheel of Time” has already begun. People are taken back to the world of high fiction they saw in the first season. But it seems like the main characters in this story will have to deal with more problems as the story goes on.

Marcus Rutherford, who plays Perrin Aybara in the version, told Carly Lane of Collider before the SAG-AFTRA strike that the second part has more room to explore different ideas now that the audience knows more about the world where the story takes place.

The Wheel of Time' Season 2 Is "Darker" and "More Mature," Says Marcus Rutherford

“Perrin, for example, meets so many new people who make him question himself and his ideas about violence and war, and I think that’s because they’re older and wiser.” Rutherford talked about it and then said:

“Sharon Gilham, who does the clothes, Davina Lamont, who does the hair and makeup, and Thomas Napper, who came in to direct the first block, all set new standards and showed that the show needed to be bigger, a little darker, and a little more mature for its time.”

The star then said that it would be easy to tell the difference between the first and second seasons: “There’s a bit of a time jump between the first and second seasons. In Season 1, a lot of work is done to set up the world. We had to explain these long books and then make the rules that Robert Jordan made in those books.

As Season 2 starts, the players are a little bit older and better, and they no longer say, “We just want to go home.” They have kind of accepted their part in making this statement.

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