Who Was Tim Burton’s First Choice for Beetlejuice Instead of Michael Keaton? Details Inside!

Heather McKeever

Michael Keaton Wasn’t Tim Burton’s First Choice for Beetlejuice — This Performer Was

Tim Burton first wanted someone else to play Beetlejuice’s main role. The movie would have been very different if that star had been picked instead of Michael Keaton. The Geffen Company made the comedy-horror hit, and Warner Bros. Pictures showed it to the world.

People liked it when it came out in 1988, and a lot of money was made from it. Before Beetlejuice came out, nothing like it had ever been made. It was a huge hit right away, which helped make Tim Burton a well-known name in the movie business. Michael McDowell wrote the first story that Burton liked. They had both been on a show called Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Tim Burton Wanted Sammy Davis Jr. To Play Beetlejuice

Tim Burton is a well-known director whose movies are known for being weird and dark. The themes in his work feel like they fit there because of how he sees the world. On his list, there are a lot of scary gothic movies with striking pictures. But not everything he does for his movies ends up in the final product.

Michael Keaton Wasn’t Tim Burton’s First Choice for Beetlejuice — This Performer Was

In Beetlejuice, one of his first and most famous movies, the main character wasn’t the one he first thought of. Burton’s first choice for the lead role in this fantasy horror comedy was the skilled Rat Pack singer Sammy Davis Jr. In 1999, Conan O’Brien asked Tim Burton about the strangest things people had said about an artistic choice he made in one of his movies.

Burton talked about hiring people and working with business bosses. He said that he really wanted Sammy Davis Jr. to play Beetlejuice, a strange character. Burton said that when you showed the studio bosses something strange, they were like cats or deer. But the directors didn’t agree with Burton, and Michael Keaton got the part in the end.

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