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Hyena Road is a famous Canadian war film where Paul Gross served as director, writer, producer, and star. It was screened at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival’s Gala Presentations section. The movie premiered on September 24, 2015, at the Calgary Film Festival, and it was then released to theaters on October 9, 2015.

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Hyena Road

Where To Watch Hyena Road

The film is based on the true story of “Route Hyena” It involves numerous units from the Canadian Armed Forces throughout multiple tours and was constructed by Task Force Kandahar between 2008 and 2011.

The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, a renowned English-speaking regiment stationed in Western Canada, served as the movie inspiration.

Heyna Plot

Where To Watch Hyena Road

Insurgents in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, are posing a challenge to Canadian Army personnel as they build the “Hyena Road” deep into Taliban territory. While performing sentry duty on the highway, Warrant Officer Ryan Sanders, the commander of a sniper section, comes under heavy fire.

The unit continues on foot and arrives at a Pashtun village after their designated evacuation trucks are unable to get there. The Taliban raids the village while looking for the Canadians, but the tribal elder who is sheltering them sends them away.

In order to protect his secret lover Captain Jennifer Bowman, an officer in Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, Sanders and his section leave the area and go back to camp. While the road is being built, Captain Pete Mitchell, an Intelligence Branch officer, does his routine tasks with little assistance from the Afghan National Army.

He makes the decision to look for the man as a potential ally after hearing Sanders’ account of the Afghan elder. The Cleaner, a local asset fighting for the Taliban, aids him in his search.

Mitchell believes the man to be “the Ghost,” a former militant who fought against the Soviets in the Soviet-Afghan War and earned his moniker for disappearing every time he was wounded as his comrades would take him across the mountains into Pakistan to recover, out of reach of the Soviet military.

Where To Watch Hyena Road

Despite a search of the village turning up nothing, Mitchell believes the man to be the man. Eventually, Mitchell sets up a meeting with the Ghost, but the Ghost sensibly declines to accept payment in exchange for his assistance. Mitchell gains reassurance that they are speaking with the individual who is popularly known as “The Ghost” throughout this exchange.

In the meantime, Bashir Daoud Khan, a supporter of the Canadians, and his son Karim are betraying them and collaborating with the Taliban. Having seen the Ghost visit his son’s house and granddaughters, Sanders’ section can attest to this.

The house was built on BDK-owned property, but the crops had long since been destroyed by Coalition airstrikes, as the Ghost’s son had nothing to offer BDK as a protection tithe. Shortly after the Ghost departs, BDK with Taliban protection shows up and tells the Ghost’s son to return the money. When the son refuses to pay the debt, BDK kidnaps the granddaughters of the Ghost.

Although Mitchell continually tells Sanders’ fire squad to pause their fire since they do not fully grasp local dynamics, the team continues to witness the entire event. There is no other option in the province, and they need all the assistance they can get, even though everyone in the Canadian intelligence squad is aware of how corrupt their Afghan allies are.

Meanwhile, Bowman reveals to Sanders that she is pregnant with his child, conceived while both were on leave in Cyprus. Sanders rejoices in this, despite its being a serious problem given military regulations prohibiting fraternization.

Where To Watch Hyena Road

Before leaving for his next and last mission, Sanders proposes to Bowman and she happily accepts. The Canadians follow the Ghost, who has declared a personal war against BDK in revenge for the kidnapping of the girls. With assistance from his tribe, the Ghost abducts BDK’s son Karim and beheads him.

Following this, the Ghost arranges a meeting with BDK in an isolated house, at the same time when BDK is supposed to be with the Canadians as they commemorate the opening of Hyena Road. The Ghost, who has sworn a personal war on BDK in retaliation for the kidnapping of the girls, is followed by the Canadians.

The Ghost kidnaps Karim, the son of BDK, and beheads him with the aid of his tribe. After that, at the same time that BDK is meant to be with the Canadians as they celebrate the opening of Hyena Road, the Ghost arranges a meeting with BDK in a remote residence. When BDK pulls up in a convoy with his bodyguards.

He demands to know where his son is. When the Ghost answers by bringing out a bag and holding up Karim’s severed head, BDK draws his gun and threatens to shoot the Ghost. Later, acting on the knowledge and other resources provided by the Cleaner, Canadian troops rescue numerous Afghan children, among them the granddaughters of the Ghost.

The ramp ceremony for Sanders and his area occurs at the end of the movie, and Mitchell remarks on how things will ultimately improve in the long run.

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Where To Watch Hyena Road

Where To Watch Hyena Road

Hyena Road is currently available on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Paramount+ as well as other available streaming platforms.

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Hyena Road Cast

Where To Watch Hyena Road

Paul Gross as Captain Pete Mitchell

• Rossif Sutherland as Warrant Officer Ryan Sanders

• Clark Johnson as Brigadier General Rilman

• Allan Hawco as Master Corporal Travis Davidson

• Christine Horne as Captain Jennifer Bowman

• David Richmond-Peck as Hickie

• Jennifer Pudavick as Mary

• Aqqalu Meekis as Wolf

• Neamat Arghandabi as the Ghost

• Nabil Elouahabi as Haji Baba

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