A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Release Date: Love Birds Take Flight Again!


A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Release Date

“A Couple of Cuckoos” is a highly popular Japanese comic book series, known as manga, which was skillfully created by Miki Yoshikawa. The music for this series was composed by Rei Ishizuka. What makes “A Couple of Cuckoos” so loved is its captivating story. Many people are enthusiastic fans of this series.

In addition to the manga, there is also an animated version of “A Couple of Cuckoos” called an anime, which was released in 2022.

The story introduces us to a bunch of fascinating characters who bring excitement to the series. Some of these characters include Nagi Umino, Erika Amano, Sachi Umino, Hiro Segawa, Ai Mochizuki, Yōhei Umino, Namie Umino, Sōichirō Amano, Ritsuko Amano, and Shion Asuma. Each character adds a unique twist to the plot, making it even more interesting.

The first season of “A Couple of Cuckoos” made its debut on April 24, 2022, and concluded on October 2, 2022, consisting of 24 episodes. Devoted fans of the series are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the second season, hungry for more exciting developments.

We fully understand your excitement, and that’s why we’re here to provide you with all the details you need to know about “A Couple of Cuckoos”.

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Release Date

 A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Release Date

The initial season of “A Couple of Cuckoos” made its debut on April 24, 2022. This season consisted of a total of 24 episodes. However, as of now, the people responsible for making the show haven’t told us if there will be another season or not. But the fans of the show are very excited and are hoping for some good news about a possible second season.

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Cast

Season 1 of A Couple of Cuckoos came out in 2022, and since then, fans have been interested in the voice actors who have played different roles.

Below is a list of English voice actors who have provided the voices for the characters.

  • Nicholas Andrew Louie as Nagi Umino
  • Bryn Apprill as Sachi Umino
  • Marissa Lenti as Namie Umino
  • Lindsay Sheppard as Erika Amano
  • AmaLee as Hiro Segawa
  • David J. Dixon as Sochiro Amano
  • Gianni Matragrano as Yohei Umino
  • Monica Rial as Ritsuko Amano
  • Brendan Blaber as Shion Asuma

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A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Expected Plot

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Trailer

The story of the show revolves around a young boy named Nagi Umino. Nagi is just 16 years old, and he’s in his second year of high school. But his life takes an unexpected turn when he learns that his parents are not his biological parents; he’s adopted.

This revelation prompts Nagi to embark on a quest to find his birth parents, and he starts searching far and wide.

During his search, Nagi encounters Erika Amano, a well-known personality on the internet. Erika’s family has plans to arrange a marriage for her, but she is not interested in this arrangement. As she tries to escape from this situation, she crosses paths with Nagi.

Erika comes up with a clever plan: she asks Nagi to pretend to be her boyfriend to avoid suspicion as she runs away from her family. They spend some time together, and during this time, they discover a shocking truth – they were unknowingly switched at birth, and each of them is currently living with the other’s parents.

The heart of the show centers on the quest for parental love, particularly for those who have never experienced it in their lives.

As for the second season, it has not been officially confirmed yet, so we can’t provide a definite storyline. However, if there is a second season, it’s likely to continue the story from where the previous season left off, delving deeper into the unique predicament of Nagi and Erika as they navigate their switched lives and relationships with their newfound families.

Quick Recap of Last Season

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Release Date

In the first season of “A Couple of Cuckoos,” several important things happen that change the story.

First, Nagi Umino, the main girl in the story, finally tells Eiichi Tokiwa, her childhood friend, that she loves him. Eiichi, on the other hand, has started to realize that he might have feelings for his classmate Kyouko, whom people call “Cuckoo.” But he’s still not sure about his emotions.

Second, Kyouko tells Eiichi that she’s going to a new school. This news is a big deal for Eiichi because he’s just realized that he might like her.

Finally, Nagi decides to move to Eiichi’s school so she can be closer to him and try to win his heart. But there’s a problem – Eiichi is in love with Kyouko.

So, by the end of season 1, we see that there’s a love triangle forming between Nagi, Eiichi, and Kyouko. This makes us curious to see what will happen in season 2 and how their relationships will develop.

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Where to Stream A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Release Date

You can watch the first season of A Couple of Cuckoos on Crunchyroll. The site must be available to those who wish to watch the show. A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 is likely to come out on the same platform if the anime comes back for a new season.

Trailer of A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2

The second season of A Couple of Cuckoos doesn’t have a trailer or teaser yet because the show hasn’t been announced. But since people liked the show, we can be sure that it will be back with a new season.

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