Abhishek Malhan Shooting for ‘Noori’ Music Video: Behind-the-Scenes Pics!

Helen Gomez

Exciting News: Bigg Boss OTT 2 runner-up Abhishek Malhan was all smiles while shooting his new music video ‘Noori,’ enjoying royal treatment on set. Behind-the-scenes moments go viral online. Exclusive Pictures Await, Dive In for All the Details at Bigflix.

Exploring the Viral Abhishek Malhan Photo

The viral photo of Abhishek Malhan features him in a stylish black abstract shirt, sporting a casual unkempt hairstyle and a beard. Stepping out of his car, a crew member immediately provided him with an umbrella.

The candid shot captures Abhishek smiling and engaging warmly with the crew, showcasing his down-to-earth nature and appreciation for their support during the shoot, making the moment endearing and widely shared online.

In Tune with Noori

Noori marks Abhishek Malhan’s upcoming music video, featuring influencer Drishti Kharbanda as the female lead. Abhishek has collaborated vocally with Komal Sohi, while Jaskaran Singh has crafted the lyrics and composed the track. The much-anticipated teaser is set for release at 5 pm tomorrow, creating a buzz for the full song launch scheduled on October 13.

Abhishek’s Past Musical Creation

Before “Noori,” Abhishek gained recognition in the superhit music video, “Judaiyaan.” The video showcased his chemistry with fellow Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Jiya Shankar, sparking intrigue due to their history on Salman Khan’s show.

Their interactions were rare, but Jiya’s growing fondness for Abhishek became evident, leading to her confession during the grand finale. Despite the confession, Abhishek’s feelings didn’t align, resulting in a cordial yet unrequited connection between the two.

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