Amid rumours of being in US for treatment, Dharmendra shares video of ‘enjoying’ his holiday: Sunny Deol Also Shares His Enjoyable Time

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Amid rumours of being in US for treatment, Dharmendra shares video of ‘enjoying’ his holiday

Actor Sunny Deol is taking a break with his parents, Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur. Sunny Deol, who recently did well with the movie Gadar 2, went on a vacation to the USA with his family. He shared a video on social media to show how much fun he’s having. Some people thought he took his dad, Dharmendra, to the US for medical reasons, but Sunny’s team said that’s not true.

In the video he shared on Instagram, Sunny jokes with his friend about ordering pizza. He says if he were in an Indian hotel, he’d order a lot of food, but all he’s getting there is a pizza. His friend offers to get him an In&Out burger.

Sunny Deol looks relaxed in the video, wearing a simple t-shirt, pullover, and a cap. He wrote, “Pizza Party. Having fun. Just be silly. ENJOY. 🥳😆😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️❤️.” Fans found it funny how he says ‘pizza,’ and they sent him lots of love.

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Dharmendra also shared a video of himself relaxing on vacation and playing with a pet dog. He wrote, “Friends, after a long time, I’m enjoying a short vacation in the USA. I’ll be back soon for my new film. This loving pet really likes me haha 😆.”

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Sunny Deol’s spokesperson confirmed that he went on a family vacation to the US with Dharmendra and his mom. Dharmendra is healthy and doing well, so there’s no need to worry. Sunny wanted to clear up any confusion about his dad’s health. Some reports also say they’re visiting their daughters, Vijeta and Ajeita, who live in the US.

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