The Unsung Hero: ‘The Boys Hides One of Its Best Characters in Plain Sight!

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One of the Best Characters on ‘The Boys’ Doesn’t Have Superpowers

Fans of the popular Amazon Prime Video show The Boys know that it’s hard to pick a favorite character out of them all. That’s because The Boys has a lot of interesting characters, some of whom are good and some of whom are just bad.

People at home love one character the most, even though The Seven and “the boys” are trying to hide their bad behavior. She doesn’t have any special skills, even though you might not believe it. Ashley Barrett is this person, and Colby Minifie does a great job playing her.

One of the best characters in ‘The Boys’ doesn’t have any superpowers!

In The Boys, Minifie didn’t just fall into the part of Ashley. She had been in shows like Law and Order, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Jessica Jones. But when she got the part of Ashley, she probably didn’t know that it would be the job that brought her the most attention in her career.

The first thing fans notice about Ashley is that she helps Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) the most. Madelyn is in charge of Vought, which is a big company that handles and controls The Seven superheroes.

One of the Best Characters on ‘The Boys’ Doesn’t Have Superpowers

Ashley looks like a weak, worried person who needs a day at the spa at first glance. No matter what she does for one of the miracle workers or for her boss, plans change at the last minute and it seems like it doesn’t matter or isn’t noticed.

There is also the crime that is getting worse around her. In most companies, bad news gets worse, and Ashley takes out most of her anger on Starlight, aka Annie January (Erin Moriarty), the newest member of The Seven. Ashley has to be fired by Vought because someone has to be held responsible for the brave incident.

Fans and Minifie were happy to hear that the character would be back in the next season. For more updates, please visit

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