10 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix To Watch This Halloween


best halloween movies on netflix

October is almost approaching, and it’s prime time to watch a variety of horror films on Netflix. However, if you’ve seen them all or want something fresh, we’ve also compiled a list of the top Halloween films available on Netflix at the moment. Some are exclusive to that platform and are only available there. They’re made specifically for the little screen, so they’ll look great in your living room.

1. Veronica 2017 best halloween movies on netflix

If you were involved in occult activities as a teenager, you are aware of what follows. When a girl returns home from holding a séance at school in Madrid in 1991, she finds she has brought more than just her schoolwork.

2. 47 Metres Down: Uncaged 2019 best halloween movies on netflix

As two sisters go on a deep-sea diving adventure and discover they are being pursued by a massive shark, shiver with the stars in this film. You may watch this movie on Netflix and other streaming services.

3.The School For Good and Evil 2022best halloween movies on netflix

BFFs Sophie and Agatha find their relationship put to the test at a new school for future fairy tale villains and heroes in this fanciful Halloween movie. Although not alarming, it could nonetheless frighten tiny children.

4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022best halloween movies on netflix

A new tale about Leatherface is told in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is neither quite a reboot nor a remake. This time, he crosses up with a group of influential people who intend to remodel and put some Texas properties up for auction, potentially leading to gentrification of the surrounding region.

5. Hubie Halloween 2020 best halloween movies on netflix

Adam Sandler does what he does best in this Halloween horror-comedy, which is impersonating a foreigner in a small town full of natives. He portrays a Salem citizen who must persuade the town that monsters exist following a string of odd incidents.

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6. The Munters 2022 best halloween movies on netflix

This film, which brings back the characters from the campy 1960s sitcom of the same name, is more eccentric than terrifying. This film, which is essentially a Halloween romantic comedy and stars Cassandra Elvira Peterson, was directed by Rob Zombie.

7. It Follows 2015best halloween movies on netflix

After waking up bound to a chair, a young woman’s new lover promptly informs her that she is being followed by an unidentified entity that may pass for anyone. It will murder her if it manages to find her. The only way to break the curse, I believe, is to transfer the entity to another person by having an affair, just like he did with her nice guy. Days later, you’ll be glancing over your own shoulder.

8. Escape The Undertaker 2021best halloween movies on netflix

WWE fans have finally found the Halloween film they’ve been waiting for! You guide Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods through the Undertaker’s house of horrors in this interactive movie adventure.

9. Fear Street Trilogy 2021 best halloween movies on netflix

Based on the R.L. Stine novels, this trilogy of Netflix Halloween films examines how the community of Shadyside, Ohio has been troubled over the years by the evil karma of a wronged witch. Fear Street 1666, Fear Street 1978, and Fear Street 1994 are all set in distinct eras. This series is for you if you like the books when you were a preteen.

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10. Things Heard And Seen 2021 best halloween movies on netflix

Things Heard and Seen is a classic haunted house film that follows a young mother and her family as they relocate from the city to the country. She begins to notice odd sights and sounds. Are former occupants of the house coming out, or is the remote seclusion getting to her? You must ascertain.

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