15 Best Movies On Netflix: Award-Worthy Entertainment

Richard Williamson

Best Movies On Netflix

Are you ready to embark on a cinematic journey filled with award-worthy entertainment? Look no further than Netflix, where a treasure trove of the 15 best movies awaits your eager eyes.

Get ready to be captivated by compelling stories, mesmerized by talented performances, and swept away by breathtaking visuals. This curated collection is sure to satisfy your craving for both excitement and safety in the comfort of your own home.

Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring adventure as you delve into the world of these remarkable films. From heart-wrenching dramas that tug at your emotions to pulse-pounding thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat, there’s something for every discerning movie lover.

With each title carefully selected, Netflix has created a haven where you can escape reality and immerse yourself in masterful storytelling.

So grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and let Netflix transport you to a place where all worries fade away. These award-worthy movies will not only entertain but also provide a sense of security as they whisk you away into their captivating narratives.

With Netflix’s endless selection at your fingertips, get ready for unforgettable cinematic experiences that will leave you yearning for more. Get cozy and prepare to be amazed!

15 Best Movies On Netflix: Award-Worthy Entertainment

If you’re looking for award-worthy entertainment on Netflix, you won’t want to miss out on films like The Departed, Call Me by Your Name, and If Beale Street Could Talk.

These movies have received critical acclaim and are sure to keep you captivated with their compelling storylines and stellar performances.

And if you’re a fan of period dramas, don’t forget to check out The Power of the Dog and Pride & Prejudice for a dose of romance and elegance.

1. The Departed

To fully appreciate the award-worthy entertainment on Netflix, you have to watch ‘The Departed,’ a gripping crime thriller directed by Martin Scorsese. One statistic that will leave you astounded is that ‘The Departed’ grossed over $132.4 million at the box office in the USA alone. This speaks to the incredible popularity and success of this film, which is a testament to its quality and captivating storytelling.

‘The Departed’ takes you on a thrilling journey as it delves into the world of organized crime and police corruption. The stellar cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson, delivers exceptional performances that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film. 

The intense cat-and-mouse game between DiCaprio’s undercover cop character and Damon’s infiltrator adds an extra layer of suspense and intrigue.

With its masterful direction by Martin Scorsese, ‘The Departed’ keeps you hooked from start to finish with its intricate plot twists and shocking reveals. The film explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and identity in a way that keeps your adrenaline pumping until the very end.

Movie Information

  • Rating: R (Pervasive Language|Drug Material|Some Strong Sexual Content|Strong Brutal Violence)
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery & Thriller
  • Runtime: 2h 32m
  • Distributor: Warner Bros.
  • Production Co: Plan B Entertainment, Warner Bros., Initial Entertainment Group, Vertigo
  • Sound Mix: Dolby SRD, DTS, SDDS
  • Aspect Ratio: Scope (2.35:1)

‘The Departed’ is truly a must-watch for any fan of gripping crime thrillers or fans of great cinema in general. Its enthralling storyline combined with stellar performances make it one of those films that will leave a lasting impression long after the credits roll. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be captivated by ‘The Departed’ on Netflix.

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2. Call Me by Your Name

Immerse yourself in the sun-drenched beauty of ‘Call Me by Your Name‘ as Elio and Oliver’s summer love story unfolds against the backdrop of a 17th-century villa in Italy. Set in 1983, this award-worthy film takes you on a journey of awakening desire and self-discovery that will leave you captivated.

The movie showcases the stunning Italian countryside, with its picturesque landscapes and charming architecture, creating a dreamlike setting for Elio and Oliver’s romance to blossom. As they navigate their feelings for each other, the film beautifully captures the complexities of first love, exploring themes of desire, sexuality, and identity.

Throughout the course of the summer, Elio and Oliver experience moments of intense passion and heartache, portrayed with raw emotion by Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer. Their performances are captivating, drawing you into their world and making you feel every joyous or painful moment they go through.

In addition to its compelling storyline and exceptional performances, ‘Call Me by Your Name’ boasts impressive technical aspects. 

The cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful, capturing both intimate moments between characters and sweeping shots of the Italian countryside. The soundtrack perfectly complements the emotions conveyed on screen, further immersing you in Elio and Oliver’s world.

Overall, ‘Call Me by Your Name’ is an exquisite film that combines stunning visuals with powerful storytelling to deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience. It is a must-watch for anyone seeking award-worthy entertainment that will touch your heart.

Movie Information

  • Rating: R (Sexual Content|Nudity|Some Language)
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Luca Guadagnino
  • Producers: Peter Spears, Luca Guadagnino, Emilie Georges, Rodrigo Teixeira, Marco Morabito
  • Writers: James Ivory, Luca Guadagnino, Walter Fasano
  • Release Date (Theaters): Jan 19, 2018 Wide
  • Release Date (Streaming): Feb 23, 2018
  • Box Office (Gross USA): $18.0M
  • Runtime: 2h 12m
  • Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics
  • Production Co: RT Features, La Cinéfacture, Frenesy Film
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect Ratio: Flat (1.85:1)

3. If Beale Street Could Talk

Step into the soul-stirring world of ‘If Beale Street Could Talk‘, where love and injustice collide in a symphony of sorrow and strength. Set in early 1970s Harlem, this award-worthy film follows the journey of Tish, a daughter and soon-to-be wife, as she vividly recalls the passion, respect, and trust that connect her to her artist fiancé Fonny.

Childhood friends turned lovers, they dream of a future together until their plans are tragically derailed when Fonny is arrested for a crime he did not commit.

In this gripping tale directed by Barry Jenkins, ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ explores themes of racial injustice and systemic oppression that resonate even today. With its powerful performances and masterful storytelling, the film captivates audiences from start to finish. The chemistry between the lead characters is palpable, drawing viewers into their deeply intimate relationship.

As Tish fights for justice while navigating her own pregnancy, viewers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster filled with heartbreak and resilience.

Movie Information

  • Rating: R (Some Sexual Content|Language)
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Barry Jenkins
  • Producers: Adele Romanski, Sara Murphy, Barry Jenkins, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner
  • Writer: Barry Jenkins
  • Release Date (Theaters): Jan 11, 2019 Wide
  • Release Date (Streaming): Mar 12, 2019
  • Box Office (Gross USA): $14.9M
  • Runtime: 1h 59m
  • Distributor: Annapurna Pictures
  • Production Co: Pastel Films Ltd., Annapurna Pictures, Plan B Entertainment

4. The Power of the Dog

Severe, pale-eyed, and brutally beguiling, Phil Burbank’s raw power and fragility collide in the haunting Western drama ‘The Power of the Dog,’ captivating audiences with its mesmerizing tale set in 1925 Montana.

Phil is a cowboy as untamed as the land itself, embodying both romance and cruelty. His actions are often driven by a twisted pleasure derived from inflicting pain on others, reveling in their hurt.

When he encounters Rose, the widowed proprietress of the Red Mill restaurant, and her impressionable son Peter, Phil’s torment takes an eerie form. He hovers at the edges of Rose’s vision, taunting her with a tune she can no longer play. And his mockery of Peter is amplified by the laughter of his fellow cowhands.

But amidst this darkness, there is a glimmer of hope. Phil unexpectedly takes Peter under his wing, leading to uncertainty about whether this gesture represents a softening or a plot that twists further into menace.

Director Jane Campion skillfully crafts this gripping narrative filled with complex characters and psychological tension. As viewers delve into ‘The Power of the Dog,’ they are drawn into a world where beauty and brutality coexist.

Movie Information

  • Rating: R (Full Nudity|Brief Sexual Content)
  • Genre: Western, Drama, Romance
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Jane Campion
  • Producers: Jane Campion, Iain Canning, Roger Frappier, Tanya Seghatchian, Emile Sherman
  • Writer: Jane Campion
  • Release Date (Theaters): Nov 17, 2021, Limited
  • Release Date (Streaming): Dec 1, 2021
  • Runtime: 2h 8m
  • Distributor: Netflix
  • Production Co: New Zealand Film Commission, BBC Films, See-Saw Films, Max Films International, Brightstar Films, Cross City Films
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect Ratio: Scope (2.35:1)

5. Pride & Prejudice

Fall in love with the timeless story of Pride & Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennet’s initial disdain for Fitzwilliam Darcy slowly gives way to unexpected affection. But can she look past his wealth and social status?

As you immerse yourself in this captivating tale, you’ll witness the transformation of two individuals who initially clash due to their contrasting backgrounds. 

Elizabeth sees Darcy as a typical rich snooty man, while he becomes infatuated with her despite claiming not to find her attractive. Their journey is filled with misunderstandings, societal pressures, and personal growth that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Throughout the film, you’ll be drawn into a world where class divisions and societal expectations are challenged. The chemistry between Elizabeth and Darcy is undeniable, as they navigate their feelings amidst societal norms that threaten to tear them apart. 

As their relationship develops, they learn valuable lessons about pride and prejudice, teaching us all that first impressions can often be misleading.

So sit back, relax, and let yourself be swept away by this award-worthy adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. Get ready to experience a rollercoaster of emotions as you root for true love to triumph over societal constraints.

Movie Information

  • Genre: Music
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Robert Kelley
  • Producers: Stacia Fernandez, Julie Kaufman, Tom Polum
  • Writer: Paul Gordon
  • Release Date (Streaming): Dec 14th, 2020
  • Runtime: 2 hours 8 minutes
  • Production Co: TheatreWorks Silicon Valley

6. The Squid and the Whale

Immerse yourself in the raw and poignant tale of The Squid and the Whale. Two brothers navigate the tumultuous aftermath of their parent’s divorce in Brooklyn, experiencing a profound impact on their lives.

As you delve into this award-worthy drama, you will witness the gripping struggle between Bernard and Joan Berkman, played masterfully by Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney. Their erudite personalities clash as they each vie for their sons’ loyalty amidst the chaos of separation.

Jesse Eisenberg delivers a captivating performance as Walt, the older brother who aligns himself with his father’s perspective. Acting out at school and rebelling against societal norms, Walt grapples with his own identity while trying to find solace within his fractured family.

Meanwhile, Owen Kline shines as Frank, the younger brother who quietly supports his mother through her blossoming writing career. The delicate balance between these two siblings is expertly portrayed, highlighting the complexities of sibling dynamics in times of upheaval.

As you embark on this emotional journey through The Squid and the Whale, prepare yourself for an intimate exploration of human relationships and personal growth. 

Noah Baumbach’s direction brings authenticity to every scene, capturing both heartache and humor with equal measure. With its compelling storyline, stellar performances, and thought-provoking themes surrounding love, ambition, and self-discovery, this film offers a truly immersive experience that will leave you pondering long after it ends.

Movie Information

  • Rating: R (Language|Graphic Dialogue|Strong Sexual Content)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Noah Baumbach
  • Producers: Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach, Peter Newman
  • Writers: Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach
  • Release Date (Theaters): Oct 5th, 2005 Original
  • Release Date (Streaming): Aug 15th, 2015
  • Box Office (Gross USA): $7.4M
  • Runtime: 1h 20m
  • Distributor: IDP Distribution
  • Production Co: Emerging Pictures

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7. Titanic

Experience the heart-wrenching tragedy and gripping stories of survival aboard the RMS Titanic in this captivating miniseries. Step into the shoes of the passengers, from the wealthy elite to those seeking a new life, as they embark on what was supposed to be a luxurious voyage across the Atlantic.

As you follow their individual journeys, you will witness a range of emotions from jubilation to fear as secrets are revealed and love and resentment intertwine.

In this miniseries, Julian Fellowes, known for his masterful storytelling in ‘Downton Abbey,’ brings to life the events that unfolded on that fateful night in 1912. 

The characters come from all walks of life, but they are united by one common goal: survival. You will be drawn into their private worlds filled with hopes and dreams, only to have them shattered by disaster.

As everyone struggles to stay alive amidst chaos and despair, their lives are forever changed. The miniseries not only explores the tragic events but also delves into the human spirit’s resilience and determination in times of crisis. 

Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as you witness heartbreaking moments alongside tales of courage and heroism.

Movie Information

  • Starring: Linus Roache, Geraldine Somerville, Perdita Weeks, Lyndsey Marshal, Lee Ross
  • TV Network: ABC
  • Premiere Date: Apr 14, 2012
  • Genre: History
  • Executive Producers: Simon Vaughan, Kate Bartlett, Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny, Howard Ellis, Adam Goodman

8. Collateral

Engross yourself in the gritty and complex world of ‘Collateral‘ as you uncover the hidden connections between seemingly unrelated characters, revealing a web of intrigue and danger.

Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie, played by Carey Mulligan, takes charge of a murder investigation after a pizza delivery driver is shot down in South London. 

Refusing to accept it as a random act of violence, Glaspie delves deeper into the case and finds herself drawn into the darker side of underworld London.

As she navigates through the investigation, politician David Mars, played by John Simm, becomes entangled in the events due to his tumultuous relationship with his ex-girlfriend Karen. Meanwhile, a vicar struggles to conceal her affair with the only witness to the shooting.

The intertwining storylines in ‘Collateral’ keep you on the edge of your seat as disparate worlds collide and become entangled. 

The show explores themes of power dynamics, corruption, and personal relationships against the backdrop of a crime-ridden city. With its talented cast including Nicola Walker and Billie Piper, ‘Collateral’ delivers compelling performances that bring these complex characters to life.

Movie Information

  • Starring: Carey Mulligan, John Simm, Nicola Walker, Billie Piper
  • TV Network: BBC
  • Premiere Date: Feb 12, 2018
  • Genre: Crime
  • Executive Producers: David Hare, S.J. Clarkson, Mark Pybus, Lucy Richer, George Faber

9. Dunkirk

If you’re looking for a break from the intense thriller of ‘Collateral,’ then ‘Dunkirk‘ is the perfect choice. This war drama, directed by Christopher Nolan, takes you back to a pivotal moment in history – the evacuation of Allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk during World War II.

It’s a story of heroism and survival, as soldiers faced incredible odds while trying to escape the advancing German forces.

From the very beginning, ‘Dunkirk’ grabs your attention with its stunning visuals and immersive sound design. Christopher Nolan’s direction brings intensity and realism to each scene, making you feel like you’re right there on the beach with the soldiers. 

The film also masterfully weaves together three different perspectives – land, sea, and air – creating a complex narrative that keeps you engaged throughout.

But what truly sets ‘Dunkirk’ apart is its focus on human resilience and determination in the face of danger. As you watch these brave men struggle against all odds to survive, there’s a sense of awe and admiration that washes over you. It’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is always hope.

So if you’re in need of some award-worthy entertainment on Netflix, look no further than ‘Dunkirk.’ Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride that will leave you inspired and grateful for your own safety.

Movie Information

  • Rating: PG-13 (Some Language|Intense War Experience)
  • Genre: War, History, Drama
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Producers: Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan
  • Writer: Christopher Nolan
  • Runtime: 1h 47m
  • Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Production Co: IMAX Corporation, Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital, Datasat, Dolby Atmos
  • Aspect Ratio: Scope (2.35:1)

10. Hanna

Hanna, a thrilling and captivating series on Prime Video, follows the extraordinary journey of a young girl raised in the forest, as she unravels the truth about her identity while evading a relentless CIA agent. The series delves into Hanna coming-of-age story, blending high-concept thriller elements with heartfelt drama.

As viewers follow Hanna’s quest for self-discovery, they are taken on a rollercoaster ride filled with suspense, action, and emotion. With an all-star cast including Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Dermot Mulroney, Ray Liotta, and Cherrelle Skeete, Hanna brings together talented actors who bring their characters to life. 

The performances are gripping and authentic, adding depth to the already compelling storyline. Executive producers such as David Farr and Tom Coan ensure that every episode is crafted with precision and attention to detail.

For those seeking award-worthy entertainment on their screens, Hanna is not one to miss. The series premiered on February 3rd, 2019 on Prime Video and has been lauded for its adventure-filled plotline that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. 

So if you’re looking for a binge-worthy show that will keep you at the edge of your seat while satisfying your subconscious desire for safety through escapism into an enthralling world of mystery and intrigue – Hanna is definitely worth adding to your watchlist.

Movie Information

  • Starring: Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Dermot Mulroney, Ray Liotta, Cherrelle Skeete
  • TV Network: Prime Video
  • Premiere Date: Feb 3, 2019
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama

11. Heat

Immerse yourself in the intense heat of a crime-ridden city, where the scorching temperatures mirror the tension between rival gangs and corrupt officials, as seen in films like ‘City of God’ set in Rio de Janeiro.

In the movie ‘Heat‘, directed by Michael Mann, you will be transported to the gritty streets of Los Angeles, where a skilled thief and an equally determined detective engage in a thrilling cat-and-mouse game.

As you watch ‘Heat’, you will be captivated by the complex characters and their moral dilemmas. The film explores themes of loyalty, obsession, and redemption against a backdrop of high-stakes heists and explosive shootouts.

The intense action sequences will keep you on the edge of your seat, while the nuanced performances from actors such as Al Pacino and Robert De Niro add depth to their respective roles.

Movie Information

  • Genre: Crime/Drama
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Michael Mann
  • Writer: Michael Mann
  • Runtime: 2h 50m

Awards: – None specifically for this film, but it has been widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike for its realistic portrayal of crime and its impact on individuals’ lives.

12. The Raid 2

Transport yourself into the heart of Jakarta’s criminal underworld as rookie cop Rama risks everything to dismantle a deadly empire in ‘The Raid 2.’ After surviving a brutal fight with powerful gangsters, Rama realizes that his actions have attracted even more dangerous criminals. 

With his family in danger, he makes the choice to go undercover and ends up in prison where he befriends the son of a prominent crime kingpin.

In order to destroy the criminal empire once and for all, Rama must put his own life on the line.

In ‘The Raid 2,’ director Gareth Evans takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the seedy underbelly of Jakarta. This action-packed film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as Rama navigates treacherous alliances and high-stakes battles. 

The intense fight scenes are choreographed with precision and skill, showcasing Iko Uwais’ incredible martial arts abilities.

Movie Information

  • Rating: R (Sexuality|Language|Strong Bloody Violence)
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Original Language: Indonesian
  • Director: Gareth Evans
  • Producers: Ario Sagantoro, Nate Bolotin, Aram Tertzakian
  • Writer: Gareth Evans
  • Release Date (Theaters): Apr 11, 2014 Wide
  • Release Date (Streaming): Sep 7, 2014
  • Box Office (Gross USA): $2.6M
  • Runtime: 2h 28m
  • Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics
  • Production Co: XYZ Films

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13. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Embark on a thrilling and hilarious journey through the zombie-infested world of ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead,’ where you find yourself living out your wildest dreams amidst the chaos. In this action-packed film, our protagonist, a young man overwhelmed by his mundane life, creates a bucket list to make himself feel alive. 

Little did he know that a zombie outbreak would erupt, providing him with the perfect opportunity to check off those adventurous items on his list.

As our hero battles hordes of zombies, he not only fights for survival but also discovers newfound courage and determination within himself. 

The movie takes you on an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride filled with heart-pounding action sequences and side-splitting comedic moments. From skydiving into an abandoned city infested with zombies to racing against time to complete daring challenges, every scene will leave you at the edge of your seat.

But amidst all the excitement and gore, ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’ offers more than just mindless entertainment. 

It explores themes of personal growth and self-discovery as our protagonist confronts his fears head-on while battling undead creatures. This unique blend of humor and depth makes it a standout film in the action genre.

Movie Information

  • Starring: Shôichirô Umeda, Tomori Kusunoki, Makoto Furukawa, Minami Takahashi
  • TV Network: MBSTVJP
  • Premiere Date: Jul 9, 2023
  • Genre: Action

So grab some popcorn and buckle up for an epic adventure like no other. ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’ is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish with its engaging storyline, top-notch performances, and thrilling zombie encounters. 

Get ready to laugh, gasp, and maybe even shed a tear as you witness this incredible journey through a world where the undead roam and dreams come true.

14. They Cloned Tyrone

In the sci-fi comedy film ‘They Cloned Tyrone,’ an unlikely trio (John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonah Parris) find themselves caught in a web of government conspiracy, unraveling dark secrets that challenge their perceptions of reality. 

John Boyega portrays a young man named Tyrone who stumbles upon evidence suggesting that he’s been cloned by the government for nefarious purposes. With the help of his friends portrayed by Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris, they embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the truth behind this sinister plot.

As they dig deeper into the conspiracy, they encounter eerie events and face dangerous obstacles along the way. 

The movie combines elements of science fiction and comedy to create an entertaining yet thought-provoking experience. With its intriguing premise and talented cast, ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ promises to be a captivating ride filled with suspense, humor, and unexpected twists.

Movie Information

  • Rating: R (Violence|Drug Use|Some Sexual Material|Pervasive Language)
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Juel Taylor
  • Producers: Jamie Foxx, Charles D. King, Stephen ‘Dr’ Love, Tony Rettenmaier, Kim Roth, Juel Taylor, Datari Turner
  • Writers: Juel Taylor, Tony Rettenmaier

15. tick, tick … BOOM!

Imagine yourself transported to the vibrant streets of 1990s New York City, where a young and ambitious theater composer named Jon navigates the pressure-filled world of artistic creation in tick, tick…BOOM

Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this film adaptation of Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical takes you on a captivating journey through the struggles and dreams of a talented artist.

As Jon waits tables at a diner, he pours his heart and soul into writing what he hopes will become the next great American musical. However, with the clock ticking and a make-or-break performance looming, Jon faces immense pressure from all sides.

In tick, tick…BOOM!, you’ll witness Jon’s internal battle as he grapples with his girlfriend Susan’s aspirations for a life beyond New York City and his friend Michael’s choice to prioritize financial security over artistic pursuits. 

Set against the backdrop of an artistic community devastated by the AIDS epidemic, this film delves into themes of passion, identity, and finding one’s purpose in life.

As time slips away, Jon is confronted with the universal question we all must face: What are we meant to do with the time we have?

Movie Information

  • Rating: PG-13 (Some Strong Language|Drug References|Some Suggestive Material)
  • Genre: Musical, Drama, Biography
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Producers: Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Julie Oh
  • Writer: Steven Levenson
  • Release Date (Theaters): Nov 12, 2021 Limited
  • Release Date (Streaming): Nov 19, 2021
  • Runtime: 1h 55m
  • Distributor: Netflix
  • Production Co: 5000 Broadway Productions, Imagine Entertainment
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital
  • Aspect Ratio: Scope (2.35:1)


So there you have it! The 15 best movies on Netflix are truly award-worthy entertainment that you don’t want to miss. From heartwarming dramas to thrilling action flicks, this list has something for everyone.

These films have received critical acclaim and numerous accolades, making them a must-watch for any movie lover.

Netflix continues to impress with their diverse selection of high-quality movies, ensuring that there is always something new and exciting to watch. Whether you’re in the mood for a thought-provoking indie film or a big-budget blockbuster, Netflix has got you covered.

So grab your popcorn, get comfy on your couch, and prepare yourself for an incredible cinematic experience right at your fingertips.

Don’t waste any more time searching through endless titles – these 15 movies are the cream of the crop when it comes to award-worthy entertainment.

So go ahead and start streaming now! You won’t be disappointed with the top-notch storytelling, stellar performances, and captivating visuals that await you in these films.

Get ready to be transported into different worlds and immerse yourself in unforgettable stories. Netflix truly delivers when it comes to providing an exceptional movie-watching experience from the comfort of your own home.


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