Brad Pitt Feared Angelina Jolie Might Turn Their Kids Against Him, Especially After Son Pax’s Negative Post

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Brad Pitt Feared Angelina Jolie Would Turn Their Kids Against Him Before Son Pax's Hate Post

A news said that Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt are intentionally making their children dislike each other. There was news yesterday that the couple’s adopted daughter, Zahara, no longer goes by her dad’s last name. She only takes her mom’s now.

A post that their adopted son Pax wrote in 2020 quickly spread around the news. He wrote that Pitt “always made the lives of those closest to me hell.” The mean post that Brad Pitt’s son Pax made about him got leaked last week. He was afraid Angelina would first turn their kids against him. It sounds like his worst fears may be coming true based on what the post says.

Last week, someone broke into Pax Jolie-Pitt’s 2020 Instagram post. People said that Pitt was a “terrible and despicable person.” A lot of people think Jolie sent this post to news sites to make Pitt’s kids dislike him. Still, no one has said who shared the information. Some say this is being done to help Pitt and Jolie win their battle over their farm.

Brad Pitt Feared Angelina Jolie Would Turn Their Kids Against Him Before Son Pax's Hate Post

“There is a feeling among their friends that the post is a perfect example of parental alienation – I mean this is a textbook demonstration of parental alienation,” a person said. The person also said, “She’s been saying hurtful things about him over and over for years.” The kids don’t like her anymore, and Brad is mad about it. They are all important to him. It’s very sad.””

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