Britney Spears Reveals a Big Surprise For Fans in Her Interview With Ellen!

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Ellen's First Interview With Britney Spears Was A Big Surprise

For months, people have said that Britney Spears‘ tenth album is almost ready to come out. Britney Spears, who is 36 years old, might be ready to say that it’s coming out soon. She was asked by Ellen DeGeneres what her “BIG announcement” was. The 60-year-old woman was told by the pop princess that she couldn’t explain until October 18.

Britney Spears first appeared on The Ellen Show in 2004. She was already a big star and did a lot of talk shows at that point. British singer Britney hasn’t done a live show in a long time. She has been back to Ellen’s set nine more times since then, though.

Since 2018, Spears hasn’t been on Ellen. She told them she was there to “make an announcement that she had an announcement.” Then she just showed up.

Ellen's First Interview With Britney Spears Was A Big Surprise

Ellen finally told Britney that she could give the real news on her YouTube channel, which was that she was starting a residency in Las Vegas. Britney ended her time on The Ellen Show in a nice way, even though the show didn’t end until 2022.

People thought Ellen did a great job with the first interview, even though things were different. That’s too bad Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t always talk about the right things when she has guests on. Her fans were afraid for her safety when she first went public. Thank goodness they were wrong.

Some say Ellen makes her guests answer quickly. When Kunal Nayyar was on Ellen, her fans thought the questions she was asked were unfair, which made her look bad. Ellen asked Justin Bieber about his crush on Rihanna and if he had called her to ask her to go on a date. Everyone thought it was strange.

Fans also thought she would ask Britney Spears about her personal life instead of work, which is something she does with other famous people. A lot of Spears fans say the interview with Ellen DeGeneres went really well. As Britney watched an old video of one of her early shows, Ellen told her she was very talented. She also asked Britney about the dance routine she did before the tour and how she kept up her fitness while she was on tour.

Ellen even asked Britney what it was like to be famous, but she didn’t say much so Britney could have her moment. She told the tabloids she wouldn’t care about them and would do her own thing, which was a bad sign for her future.

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