Chucky Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know!

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chucky season 3

Child’s Play, a scary movie from 1988, was the first time people saw Chucky, the killer doll with red hair. Since then, there have been a total of eight Child’s Play movies, making it one of the most popular horror movie series ever. In the fall of 2021, there will be a TV show about Chucky.

This will show the scary but funny little danger to a whole new group of fans. In Chucky’s third season, the story from the movies will keep going. This helpful guide has all the information we know so far about Collider. Read on to find out what we know so far about Chucky’s third season.

When and Where to Watch Season 3 of Chucky?

Season 3 of Chucky will be shown on the Syfy network in the United States, just like the first two seasons. So far, Chucky has a new show every week, and we think that will keep going in Season 3. Season 3 of Chucky will be shown on Sky Sci-Fi and Prime Video in the UK a few weeks after it first airs in the US.

You can watch the first two seasons right now on these places. We can say that Chucky Season 3 is “likely” to come out in the fall of 2023, but this is just a “tentative” date. The good news is that Season 3 began filming in April 2023.

chucky season 3

Jennifer Tilly told people on Twitter that she was making a movie in Canada. The current plan is that season 3 of Chucky won’t start filming until August 2023. But it’s not clear how the writers’ strike will affect production, so keep an eye on Collider’s coverage of Chucky for the latest news.

What is the Storyline of Chucky Season 3?

Don Mancini, who writes the show, hasn’t said much about what will happen in the third season of Chucky. Also, the Chucky advertisement on Twitter didn’t say anything about what would happen. But the end of Chucky’s second season could show the way. Lexy’s mother died in the last episode.

As long as she stays clean, the show will surely look at how stress and sadness affect Lexy’s substance use disorder (SUD). The crowd is also shown by Nica. She has also had a lot of bad things happen to her. In the second season of Chucky, she seemed to want to get back at Chucky and Tiffany for ruining her life and keeping her as a slave.

She tells Tiffany over the phone that because of what Tiffany did, she is going to torture and kill her. This plot is likely to end at the end of Chucky’s third season.

chucky season 3

Most likely, the show will also show how close Caroline and Tiffany are to each other. Caroline helps Tiffany at the end of the second season of Chucky, which is bad for her sister. She says Chucky tricked her into thinking she is Tiffany’s child.

She told the three major characters that she would kill them if they killed Chucky Prime. Caroline might get even meaner and less loving in season 3 of Chucky. On the other hand, Mrs. Fairchild agreed to help Lexy, Jake, and Devon save Caroline from the bad toys. No one knows yet how Lexy’s sister will be brought back.

The Chucky Season 3 Star Cast

Fiona Dourif has worked for a long time in both movies and on TV. Then there’s the Chucky series, where not only is her name well-known but so is her face. She has also been in the TV shows The Blacklist, The Purge, and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. The end of “The Cult of Chucky” was right where her story starts.

Tilly is an actor who has been in the series for a long time and won a lot of awards, but she is better known as a comedy queen. She has also been in movies like Hey Arnold, Family Guy, and Bullets over Broadway, which helped bring her to the public’s attention.

chucky season 3

Tiffany likes serial killers, and she’s been Chucky’s girlfriend since before he started jumping dolls. Like her boyfriend, she does bad things, but she loves him. Alex Vincent is a figure in the Child’s Play stories who shows up in more than one story.

He acts, writes, and messes around with sound technology. He’s been in movies like “The Dark Military,” “My Family Treasure,” and “House Guest.” One of the first people Chucky picked to be his host was Andy, the main character in the first three Child’s Play movies.

Zachary Wheeler is still young, but he has done many good things already. The role of Sammy Sullivan in The 5th Wave is what he is best known for. He played Jack Wheeler as well. But that’s not the end of the story. He has also appeared on Mom and Dad and Transparent as a guest star. Jake is the one who lets Chucky free on the people in his life, so he could be called the show’s main character.

Both the people who work on and watch Chucky want to thank fans and critics for how well season two has been received. We’re happy to say that, as Mancini said, this has led to the final go-ahead for season three. This news makes Chucky very happy. Chucky would have been hard to deal with if Damballa hadn’t done it.

They want to thank SYFY, USA, and UCP, their partners, for keeping Chucky busy. He says that this will be Chucky’s most scary season ever. Other than that, it’s probably safe to say that this new scary episode will come out around the same time as the first and second seasons of the scary show. It’s time to play more with knives.

Cast  Character 
Zackary Arthur  Jake Wheeler 
Bjorgvin Arnarson  Devon Evans 
Alyvia Alyn Lind  Lexy Cross 
Brad Douriff  Voice of Chucky 
Fiona Douriff  Nica Pierce 
Jennifer Tilly  Tiffany 
Christine Elise  Kyle 
Alex Vincent  Andy Barclay 

Is There a Trailer for Season 3 of Chucky?

The trailer should be out a few days before Season 3 of Chucky starts. Since the movie is already being made, there is no set date for when it will be released. Don’t miss your subscription because you weren’t paying attention. The third season of Chucky looks like it will be another great horror show based on its plot and cast. You should watch this show if you like scary movies or are a fan of the brand.


The scary TV show Chucky comes right after the seventh Child’s Play movie, Cult of Chucky. Three weeks after the events of the first movie, Chucky begins in Hackensack, New Jersey. Jake Wheeler, who is 14 years old and played by Zackary Arthur in the first episode, is 14.

He goes to a yard sale and buys the well-known Good Guy doll to use in a Halloween art project. Soon, though, Jake finds out that the doll has been taken over by serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Jake will soon be the most likely person to blame for a series of strange events and shocking deaths.

He doesn’t know how he feels about being gay, and Chucky is trying to get him to do bad things. Moreover, to watch more details about your favorite series, please visit

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