The Demon Slayer Character, Wives of Uzui: Exploring the Characters Married to Uzui in Detail

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Demon Slayer: Who are Uzui's Wives?

Demon Slayer: Who are Uzui’s Wives?: In the world of Demon Slayer, Uzui Tengen stands out as a beloved supporting character. Fans are currently captivated by his dazzling display of skills and talents in the Entertainment Arc of Demon Slayer.

Tengen Uzui is not just popular; he’s also a leading figure among the Hashira, and many admire his good looks. One thing that has sparked discussions is his unconventional choice to have multiple wives. Despite the controversy surrounding polygamy in the series, Uzui proudly embraces his lifestyle.

In the Demon Slayer storyline, it is revealed that Uzui has three wives. Who are these wives? They are Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru.

How Many Wives Does the Character Uzui Have in The Story?

Demon Slayer: Who are Uzui's Wives?

Uzui has three wives: Suma, Hinatsuru (Hina), and Makio. Even though they are different in many ways, they share a common trait—deep affection, loyalty, and dedication to Uzui. Additionally, they all have noticeable physical features: a full bust, a slender build, and curvy figures. It seems that Uzui has a preference for such qualities in women.

All three wives were raised as kunoichi, which are female shinobi or ninjas. They were drawn to Uzui’s flamboyant personality and eventually became his wives. In every mission Uzui takes on, they operate as a cohesive unit. Importantly, their relationship is consensual, meaning they have all agreed to the dynamics of their connection with each other.

Is Uzui Affectionate Towards His Wives?

Uzui expresses love for his wives in various ways. He’s not big on saying things; he believes actions speak louder. To him, his wives are the strongest, most beautiful, and kind-hearted female ninjas in existence.

Uzui holds his wives in high esteem and cares deeply for them. This care reflects how important they are to him. In the Entertainment Arc of the anime, his three wives almost face death because of Daki’s demonic powers, highlighting the depth of his concern for their well-being.

What Is the Reason Behind Uzui Having Three Wives?

What Is the Reason Behind Uzui Having Three Wives?

Being a shinobi comes with a unique tradition for Uzui. In his family, it’s a custom for him to marry three women. This tradition kicks in when Uzui turns 15, and by that time, the family leader has already picked out three women for him, considering how well they match.

This whole multiple-marriage thing among shinobi isn’t just about having more spouses. It’s also about creating more warriors in the world. These warriors play a crucial role in helping their families stay strong and make it through tough times. Just picture the diverse and lively family line of Uzui Tengen.

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Meet Tengen Uzui’s Wives

1. Suma


Suma, at just 19 years old, is the original and youngest wife of Tengen Uzui. Interestingly, Uzui’s fan book revealed that Suma’s sister was supposed to be the promised wife, but Suma crashed her sister’s marriage interview to take her place.

In terms of personality, Suma is a bit like Zenitsu, reacting dramatically when scared. Despite being a scaredy-cat, she fights for Uzui with her shinobi skills, often seen wielding two black kunai. Notably, Suma is assumed to be bisexual, possibly contributing to her acceptance of Uzui’s polygamy. Nao Toyama, known for voicing Chitoge Kirisaki and others, lends her voice to Suma.

2. Hinatsuru


The oldest wife at 21, Hinatsuru is fearless on the battlefield. She wields a large crossbow shooting poisonous kunai that can harm lower-ranked demons.

As part of a custom, Hinatsuru, from the second-ranking family, became Uzui’s wife. Described by Uzui as kind, fearless, and strategic, she is voiced by Atsumi Tenazaki, who also voiced characters in Fruits Basket and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.

3. Makio


A 20-year-old kunoichi, Makio, was initially Uzui’s distant cousin before becoming his wife. Despite her connection, Makio is similar to Suma and Hinatsuru in appearance, being slender, busty, and curvy.

However, she bears scars from her aggressive battles, showcasing her bold and hot-headed personality, reminiscent of Inosuke. Like Suma, Makio wields two standard kunai as weapons. Shizuka Ishigami, known for voicing characters in Food Wars! and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, voices Makio.

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