Did Christopher Nolan Had A Different Ending Planned For Interstellar? Details Explored!

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Interstellar's Original Ending Was Much Bleaker

If you didn’t like how Interstellar finished, co-writer Jonathan Nolan may be able to help. He recently said that the original ending for the movie would have been much easier, but also a lot sadder. Before the movie came out on Blu-ray, Nolan talked about the first ending of the story at an event in Pasadena, California.

He was there with Kip Thorne, a scientist who worked on the movie as both a director and a science helper. Nerdist says Nolan told a group at the Caltech Jet Propulsion Lab that he wanted Cooper’s story to end in a very different way.

Cooper goes through the black hole in Gargantua in the last movie. He gets through the trip and ends up in a “tesseract” place, where he can see and talk to his past in strange ways. This lets him send a message to his daughter Murph in Morse code.

This is the start of what happens at the end of the movie. Nolan’s first thought about how the story would end was that Cooper would get stuck in the black hole. In the story, “when Cooper tries to send the data back, the Einstein-Rosen bridge wormhole breaks.”

Interstellar's Original Ending Was Much Bleaker

Christopher Nolan, according to Nerdist, wanted the tube to break so that Cooper couldn’t go home or deal with the tesseract. Instead, Cooper’s trip would have ended there, and he would have died for his cause.

This would have stopped a lot of the things that happened at the end of the movie, like Cooper’s return trip, finding his daughter again, and stealing a ship to look for Amelia Brand, played by Anne Hathaway. Nolan doesn’t say, though, if the information Cooper is gathering to send back to Earth would have arrived before the crash in that other ending.

Even though a lot of people don’t like how Nolan gives up scientific truth for a more emotional finish, Interstellar ends on a much more hopeful note than this. But Interstellar wasn’t meant to have such a happy ending. At a press event for the Blu-ray release, Nerdist talked about Jonathan Nolan’s first idea for how the movie should end.

He told them about another finish that wasn’t as happy but was easy to understand. Jonathan Nolan’s first thought was for the Einstein-Rosen bridge (also called a “wormhole”) to break when Cooper tries to send the data back. Nolan didn’t say much more about what this means, but you can think of all the bad things that could happen.

With this ending, many of the movie’s last scenes would not have been necessary. There would be no sneak peek of Cooper going into the black hole, no tesseracts or people from the fifth dimension, no time travel to Murph’s room, and no happy ending for Cooper.

The movie already had scary parts and scary themes like a horror movie, but this ending would have changed the whole mood and made it mean something else.

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