The Anime Cut Itadori’s Love Interest in Jujutsu Kaisen: Details Explored!

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Does Nobara Kugisaki like Yuji Itadori? The relationship between Jujutsu Kaisen protagonists, explained

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen saw Yuji Itadori with a girl he likes in episode 6 of season 2. When Yuko asks Nobara if she likes Yuji in the episode, Nobara says no. But soon after that, she had an odd feeling in her chest. I wonder if this is why Nobara likes Yuji.

Yuji Itadori and Yuko Ozawa were in the same class in Junior High School. At that time, Yuji told Yuko that he liked her. After that, Yuko fell in love with Yuji, and she wanted him to know how she felt. But when she met him, she chose not to and gave Nobara her information so he could get in touch with her.

Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki don’t make a good love match. At least, there isn’t much proof to show that. In the sixth episode of season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuko Ozawa tried to tell Yuji Itadori how she felt about him. When Nobara called Megumi, Yuko couldn’t help but wonder if she liked Yuji too. So, she asked her question again.

The Itadori’s Love Interest in Jujutsu Kaisen Cut in Anime

Romance isn’t a big part of the action-packed world of Jujutsu Kaisen, especially when it comes to the main character’s story of growing up. Because of this, a certain person had to go.

Based on Gege Akutami’s serialized manga, Jujutsu Kaisen goes deep into the world of cursed spirits and skilled jujutsu sorcerers who can control the flow and release of Cursed Energy in their bodies.

Does Nobara Kugisaki like Yuji Itadori? The relationship between Jujutsu Kaisen protagonists, explained

People who don’t know what’s going on are food for Cursed Spirits, and Jujutsu Kaisen takes place in a world where this is true. Sorcerers who use jujutsu keep the lives of people and magical things in check.

It makes sense that the show hasn’t talked about Itadori’s love interest yet, since most of it is about how Yuji’s death sentence will be put off until Ryomen Sukuna eats all of his fingers.

Itadori’s character changes a lot in the anime because he believes in “the value of life,” which helps him figure out how he is connected to the people around him. Itadori is usually fair, has strong morals, and is quick to get angry, but he also has an unselfish side that was probably inspired by his grandfather’s last words.

When Yuji was growing up, he didn’t have any parents, so his grandfather’s last words really hurt him. He was told by his grandfather to help the people around him before it was too late. After going to Tokyo Jujutsu High, Itadori learned a lot of skills, including the very rare and expensive power to hold Sukuna’s soul in his own body.

Itadori’s only love interest, Yuko Ozawa, was not shown at all in Jujutsu Kaisen. This is because the show is about martial arts and focuses on stories that lead to each other.

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