Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far!

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Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date: The Dragon Prince is a popular animated fantasy television series created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond for Netflix. The series is set in the magical world of Xadia, where humans, elves, and dragons coexist.

After the death of the Dragon King, a human prince named Callum and his elven friend Rayla embark on a quest to deliver the Dragon Prince’s egg to its mother, in hopes of ending the war between humans and elves.

Since the confirmation in July 2023 that The Dragon Prince was renewed for not only its sixth season but also a seventh season, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the release date for the upcoming installment.

As of now, we are still awaiting official release date information for The Dragon Prince Season 6. The production team has yet to announce a specific date for when it will be available. However, fans can rest assured that more adventures in the world of The Dragon Prince are on the horizon, and as soon as the release date is made public, enthusiasts of the series will be among the first to know.

Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

Netflix has not yet announced an official release date for Dragon Prince Season 6. However, based on the release pattern of previous seasons, it is expected to premiere in either the first or second half of 2024.

The expectation of The Dragon Prince Season 6’s release in 2024 is based on the yearly release pattern that has been observed for the previous two seasons. Additionally, the show’s first three seasons followed a similar yearly release schedule before the four-year hiatus from December 2019 to June 2023.

It’s worth noting that while the release year seems likely to be 2024, it’s still too early to determine whether it will fall in the first or second half of that year. The series has demonstrated a history of releasing seasons in both the first and second halves of their respective release years, making it challenging to pinpoint a more precise release window at this stage. Fans will need to await further announcements for specific details.

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Dragon Prince Season 6 Cast

Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

The voice cast of Dragon Prince Season 6 is expected to remain largely the same as previous seasons. This includes:

  • Jack DeSena as Callum
  • Sasha Rojen as Ezran
  • Paula Burrows as Rayla
  • Jason Simpson as Viren
  • Racquel Belmonte as Claudia
  • Jesse Inocalla as Soren
  • Luc Roderique as Aaravos
  • Ricardo Ortiz as King Harrow
  • Sandra Saad as Queen Aanya
  • Keston John as General Amaya

Dragon Prince Season 6 Plot

Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

The plot of Dragon Prince Season 6 is currently unknown. However, based on the events of Season 5, it is likely to focus on the following:

  • The search for the Dragon Prince’s egg, which was stolen by Viren at the end of Season 5.
  • The continued conflict between the human kingdoms and the elven kingdoms.
  • The rise of Aaravos, the mysterious Startouch Elf who is manipulating Viren and Claudia.

Last Season Recap

Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

Dragon Prince Season 5 ended with several major cliffhangers:

  • Viren stole the Dragon Prince’s egg from Callum and Rayla.
  • Claudia killed King Harrow and framed Rayla for the crime.
  • Ezran and Callum were forced to flee Katolis with their friends.
  • Aaravos escaped from his prison and freed Viren from the Mirror Nexus.

Where to Watch Dragon Prince Season 6?

Dragon Prince Season 6 will be available to watch on Netflix.

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Dragon Prince Season 6 Trailer

Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

There is no trailer for Dragon Prince Season 6 available yet. However, it is expected to be released in the months leading up to the season premiere.


Dragon Prince Season 6 is one of the most anticipated animated television series of 2024. With its rich world-building, complex characters, and stunning animation, it is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages.

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