Dwayne Johnson’s Blockbusters: How $400 Million Hits Skyrocketed His Wealth

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Dwayne Johnson’s blockbuster movies surpassed $400 million, skyrocketing his net worth. His immense box office success solidified his position as a Hollywood powerhouse.

8. Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage Made $427.9 Million

Dwayne Johnson’s character, Davis Oyoke, in the 2018 film “Rampage,” earned him a hefty $20 million acting salary. Directed by Brad Peyton, the movie, loosely inspired by a video game, grossed nearly $430 million worldwide, ranking it among the top video game adaptations according to Forbes.

7. Dwayne Johnson’s The Mummy Returns (2001) Made $435 Million

In his film debut as Mathayus of Akkad in “The Mummy Returns” (2001), Dwayne Johnson earned $5.5 million. Despite a brief appearance, his role contributed significantly to the film’s success, grossing $435 million, surpassing its predecessor, marking the beginning of his prosperous acting journey.

6. Dwayne Johnson’s Movie San Andreas Made $456.2 million

In the 2015 disaster film “San Andreas,” Dwayne Johnson portrayed Raymond Gaines, earning a substantial $25 million. Directed by Brad Peyton, the movie depicted catastrophic events caused by a massive earthquake along the San Andreas Fault.

With a total budget of $110 million, it grossed $456.2 million globally, including an impressive $54.5 million in its opening week. Dwayne Johnson hints at San Andreas sequel, suggesting it must outshine other projects.

5. Dwayne Johnson’s Fast Five Made $629 million

In his Fast and Furious debut, “Fast Five” (2011), Dwayne Johnson portrayed Luke Hobbs, earning $10 million. The film, shot with a $125 million budget in Brazil, featured Johnson as a Diplomatic Security Service agent in pursuit of the main characters.

4. Dwayne Johnson’s Fast X Made $714 million

In “Fast X,” Dwayne Johnson’s brief yet impactful appearance as DSS Agent Luke Hobbs stirred fan excitement amid his public feud with Vin Diesel. Despite Diesel’s plea, Johnson expressed reluctance about returning to the franchise. With the movie grossing $714 million worldwide, Johnson’s paycheck likely remained substantial.

3. Dwayne Johnson’s Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Made $760.7 million

In “Hobbs & Shaw” (2019), Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham took the lead roles, earning $20 million and $13 million respectively. Despite a budget of $200 million, the film grossed an impressive $760.7 million globally, showcasing the power of the franchise’s key characters.

2. Dwayne Johnson’s Fast & Furious 6 Made $789.3 million

In “Fast and Furious 6” (2013), Dwayne Johnson reprised his role as Luke Hobbs for a $10 million salary. Despite the film’s impressive $789.3 million gross, his pay remained the same. As the franchise expanded, his salary grew to $15 million in “Fast and Furious 7.”

1. Dwayne Johnson’s Furious 7 Made $1.5 billion

In “Furious 7,” Dwayne Johnson received a $15 million salary, marking his first pay increase in the franchise. The film’s success, breaking the $1 billion mark in just seven days globally, was bolstered by Johnson’s extensive social media reach, particularly his 391 million Instagram followers, leveraging his immense fan support.

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