Esha Deol Thinks Sunny Deol as ‘the Coolest’ Brother: Details Scooped Out!

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Esha Deol chooses Sunny Deol as 'the coolest' brother; says THIS about Gadar 2 star

Esha Deol has been in the news a lot lately because people say that her half-siblings are fighting with each other. For those who don’t know, everything began in June 2023, when Esha, her sister Ahana, and their mother Hema Malini didn’t go to Karan Deol’s wedding.

When the head of the family, Dharmendra, publicly apologized to his second wife, Hema, his children, and their extended family for not being at the wedding, more rumors started to spread. Everything seems to be back to normal now that time has passed, and Esha’s love for her half-brother Sunny Deol shows that.

In a recent interview with India Today, Esha Deol talked about how she felt after seeing Gadar 2, which was a big hit for her half-brother Sunny Deol. The diva said she loved every second of it, and she praised Sunny for how hard he worked and how much he cared about the show. She talked about:

Esha Deol chooses Sunny Deol as 'the coolest' brother; says THIS about Gadar 2 star

“I couldn’t wait to see the show. I knew how important it was to Bhaiya and how hard he worked on it. When it does well, we are all happy for him because he deserves it. Sunny Deol is the only person who could have made Gadar 2 the way he did.

During a fun round of quick questions and answers, Esha Deol told Bollywood Hungama that she thinks Sunny Deol is the “coolest” brother. “He is both cool and warm,” the actress said of the Gadar 2 star. In an interview with the same site, Esha talked about the rumors that Sunny and Bobby were going out with her.

“The media know what the public wants, and they give it to them,” she said. Things are going in the right direction. I never cared about it. I don’t put too much stock in it. I always think about it. I knew that a lot of people talked about us. We can talk about some things, but there are other things we don’t want to talk about and won’t talk about no matter what.

She also said that the love she, Sunny Deol, and Bobby Deol have been feeling lately is because of their father, Dharmendra. The star said, “My father gave me this. We’re his children, so we’re just carrying on his energy and attitude, and the people who love him give it to us.”

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