Exclusive Report: Netflix Film Chief Gives Update on ‘Extraction 3’

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Netflix Film Chief Gives Update on 'Extraction 3' [Exclusive]

Like Extraction 2, which was a big hit, fans want a third movie in the series starring Chris Hemsworth. This makes Scott Stuber, Netflix’s film chief, cautiously optimistic about the chances of making one.

A source asked Stuber about the plans for Extraction 3, which Netflix started working on after announcing it at TUDUM in June. “Evolve” the Extraction franchise with Idris Elba, even though Stuber says to wait for the third movie. He can’t wait to read the script.

He stated, “Those guys have done great things for that franchise.” We’re busy until we get the script back, but it would be great to have it. CEO of Collider, Steve Weintraub, talked to Stuber at the start of the American Cinematheque at The Egyptian Theatre Hollywood.

He said Netflix and the many Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) fans are excited for another adventure, but they know it takes time to make a show. Now that Idris Elba (Hijack) is on board, fans will have a lot of hope:

“You need to find the right thing.” The second one was great because it made me feel things and was tough to understand. That makes me think of when I worked on the Bourne movies. It made me think of how Franka Potente died when I saw the second one. It was very well done by Tony Gilroy.

Netflix Film Chief Gives Update on 'Extraction 3' [Exclusive]

This one was also about Chris Hemsworth’s family, which is what pushed him. Adding Idris Elba was a unique way for the franchise to grow. “I mean, those guys did a great job with that business.” We’re busy until we get the script back, but it would be great to have it.

People believed in Tyler Rake’s “resurrection” after the terrible ending of the first movie, just like Extraction 2 did something that couldn’t have been done.

That was the trick: the first twenty minutes of the second movie are mostly about how the main character had bad things happen to them and had to work hard to get back to doing things. Because they focus on small details like these, the Extraction movies are different from other action movies.

Last but not least, Stuber said that the strike caused the Extraction team to “lose some momentum.” This is one reason why Extraction 3 hasn’t been added to Netflix’s schedule yet. “Back to what everybody does best, which is telling stories,” he said, making it sound like they were excited to finally get “back to what everybody does best.”

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