Q.What is BIGFLIX?

BIGFlix is a premium movies on demand service, which allows you to watch unlimited full length movies and more videos in HD quality, any time, anywhere.
* You can choose from thousand's of movies across languages - Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & more.
* New Movies are added every day.
* Just click on any movie and watch it instantly.
* It is Truly Unlimited - Watch any number of movies, any number of time.
* High Quality Videos without any Ads or Break.
* With one BIGFLIX account, you can stream movies across PC, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles.
* Our Free apps are available for Apple, Android, BB and Windows phones and tablets.
* The movies/videos offered here are 100% legal and plays best on any device to give you a great experience.

Q.What type of movies I can watch here?

BIGFLIX offers all type of premium quality video content. Mainly, this includes
* Bollywood movies – We offer movies in all genres including romance, action, comedy, etc ranging from Latest Hits, Evergreen classics and Superstar films.
* Regional movies – We have the largest collection of regional movies including Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali and many more.
* English and World movies – We have the best catalogue of Hollywood and other foreign language movies too, including the Biggest hits and Best that World Cinema has to offer.

Q.Do I need to be a member to benefit from BIGFLIX?

Yes, you need to subscribe to any one of our packages to benefit fully from BIGFLIX. Without registration you will have access to a limited preview only.

Q.How do I create an account?

Simply visit our website and click on the Register button. Follow the procedure and you will be a member of BIGFLIX.We are providing registration with Facebook and Google+ as well.

Q.How many videos can I watch once I subscribe for the package?

BIGFLIX is truly unlimited. Once you have subscribed, you can choose and watch any movie from the library any number of times in the subscription period.

Q.What are the Special Features in BIGFLIX?

There are four main features worth mentioning:
* Add to My Queue – You can add movies which you want to watch later in your playlist.
Click on the "Add to queue" button to add movies in your Queue
* Continue Watching – User can continue watching movie from My account->Watch history section.
* With same Email address and password you can watch the movies across multiple devices such as iPad/Tablet/Smart phones. Note: User cannot use same id and password for different browsers at the same time.
* Pay And Watch - You can choose to watch a single movie in this section. Note: Only available for the first 7 days after registering.

Q.How do I subscribe to the BIGFLIX service?

To subscribe on BIGFLIX kindly follow the steps below:
* Click on My Account and select Upgrade option
* Select the pack you wish to subscribe to and select Proceed To Pay
* You will be directed to Payment page where you can choose your mode of payment, enter your details and select Proceed To Pay
* Upon successful payment you shall receive an confirmation mail

Q.Can I purchase videos on BIGFLIX?

Sorry, you cannot purchase videos on BIGFLIX. However, you can stream unlimited videos on BIGFLIX based on the plan you subscribe to. It could either be for a week or a month.

Q.Do I get any offers or discounts for subscriptions?

We provide seasonal offers to our members. We might even give you some offers if you get in touch with us and share your feedback on

Q.How do I add movies to "My Queue"?

User can add movies in queue from "Add to queue" button provided on hover pop-up as well as after tapping on movie.

Q.How many videos can I add to "My Queue"?

You can add unlimited number of movies to the My Queue section.

Q.How do I delete my account?

You cannot delete your account once you register. However, you can unsubscribe from our services at any time.

Q.How can I socially share the movies I watch on BIGFLIX?

You can share the movies by sending them a movie preview to your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

Q.How often do you update your content?

We add a new movie everyday to our list.